Tom McIntyre

I am the technical administrator of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors Message Board.
Our organization is the largest organization of watch and clock collectors in the world and has a major museum in Columbia PA as well as over 100 local chapters of collectors and others interested in horology.
The NAWCC web site at has articles and research material available on-line for the public with additional resources available for members.
Our Message Board has been operating for over 20 years under various forum packages and currently uses XF1.5.18. We have almost 1.4 million posts and over 288,000 image attachments.
We will be releasing our integrated XF2.1 site within the next few weeks as part of our integrated XenForo/WordPress/iMIS RiSE facility with transparent access to all services on the three systems managed by membership levels. Our Forum membership is free and we have a variety of membership classes for our association from Student to Sustaining.
Jul 11, 1936 (Age: 86)
Boston MA
Favorite XenForo feature
image handling
retired software developer
Other forum software used
  1. vBulletin 4.x




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