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    Upgrade Facebook Api

    As Facebook is shutting off its Graph API v3.3 on 03 August, 2021, please upgrade to at least Graph API v4.0 (v11.0 is actual). Seems to be used here: XF\ConnectedAccount\ProviderData\Facebook
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    Function openssl_pkey_free() is deprecated

    Hi Chris, thank you for your explanations. I had indeed enabled debug mode, but only for cli. Since I myself do not know exactly why, I have deactivated it for now.
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    Function openssl_pkey_free() is deprecated

    ErrorException: [E_DEPRECATED] Function openssl_pkey_free() is deprecated src/vendor/minishlink/web-push/src/Encryption.php:281 Stack trace: #0 src/vendor/minishlink/web-push/src/Encryption.php(281): XF::handlePhpError(8192, '[E_DEPRECATED] ...', '/var/www/tfx2/p...', 281) #1...
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    XF 2.2 Store attachemnts on another server

    You could use MINIO Server to build your own s3 storage on your servers. Or search for another (cheaper) s3 compatible provider such as digital ocean.
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    Not a bug Upload file size limited by uploadMaxFilesize not by xfrmResourceMaxFileSize

    False alarm: the error message was caused by limitations of the server. After adjusting them I was able to upload larger files. Sorry for the circumstances.
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    Not a bug Upload file size limited by uploadMaxFilesize not by xfrmResourceMaxFileSize

    Upload file size seems to be limited by uploadMaxFilesize from Settings/Attachments and not by xfrmResourceMaxFileSize. Would like to allow more upload file size for resources but not for attachments in forums. Files with 100MB or more are okay in RM but not as attachments in forums to prevent...
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    Duplicate Add-on commands does not work anymore in XF2.2

    Ah ok, my mistake. I did not find this thread.
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    Duplicate Add-on commands does not work anymore in XF2.2

    In method XF\Cli\Runner::getAddOnForCommand you get something like Vendor\Addon. In method XF::isAddOnActive you compare it against a list of addons which includes Vendor/Addon, which fails (backslash vs. forward slash). Suggested (and tested) fix: Replace in XF\Cli\Runner::getAddOnForCommand...
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    XF 2.2 Activity summary email

    Yep, already done.
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    Fixed Ad-position "Post: Below message container" is not between posts in thread type question

    Normally this position is between posts, in thread type "question" it looks if it is in first post. Could you replace the class "block-container" for the first message with "block--messages"? This is what it looks like in a normal thread: this is what it looks like in a question thread right...
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    Fixed User experience of add activity summary section

    Ran into same issue. As it seems already fixed for the next beta, but to prevent these blank modal: Look if your db table xf_activity_summary_definition is empty. I have reconstructed the contents. Just import these sql query: INSERT INTO `xf_activity_summary_definition` (`definition_id`...
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    ModQueue [Deleted]

    This resource has been removed and is no longer available.
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    Fixed Minified js files are broken

    This line: $result = preg_replace('/^[a-f0-9]+/', '', $result); in file src/XF/Service/AddOn/JsMinifier.php breaks js files beginning with "a-f0-9" Reproducer: Minify a file with following content: console.log("test"); the output will be: onsole.log("test"); which is broken js I think he has...
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    XF 2.0 _output vs _data. Why?

    @Chris D would you also share your js - workflow? So i can avoid building releases of my addons and add the js-files by hand to my git repo.