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    [TTG] Quick Node and Resource Filter

    Thanks for appreciation and suggestions. Definitely, I'll work on it.
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    XF 2.2 Auto-watch forum when joining user group

    @Hilary , I am not sure if any addon is available for such functionality. But if you need custom services for this addon you can send me a pm.
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    XF 2.2 Error- website not working suddenly

    Add this in your src/config.php file $config['enableListeners'] = false; This will disable the addons from your site. Then disable this addon from your admin panel "League\Flysystem" Then enable the listeners again by changing it to true $config['enableListeners'] = true;
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    XF 2.1 Structure of a page with Topics listed

    Hi @leonhardtmm , I have just created a custom addon for someone which does the same. If you want a demo please inbox me i can share a demo with you.
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    Add-on Ethereum Payment Upgrades

    Hey @Jonathan Long if you are looking for custom solution, please feel free to reach me
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    discord server directory

    Sure, going to start a private conversation with you.
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    discord server directory

    @yazer are you looking for some custom addon solutions ?
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    XF 2.2 Why do I install Xenforo Style and it's not mobile friendly?

    @Catmes These are SEO related issues. There is always not necessary you have issues in styling. Some other factors can cause as well. There are some SEO tricks to sort these out.
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    Add-on Instagram Feeds

    Hi @asma, I dont think an existing addon is available for this. Let me know if you need custom services for this.
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    Xenforo return blank screen/page on every page

    Your site url favicon showing wordpress. Have you tried to enable the debug mode from config.php and check if any errors are generating ? As currently admin.php is not accessible on your installation directory. Any recent custom plugin installation ?
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    Xenforo post thread filter

    I recently uploaded a resource which i think you are looking for If that finds you well please leave a feedback and rate the resource.
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    XF 2.2 Problem with gmail spammers

    You can always use the manual approval of accounts on registration for checking on the accounts or you can use some custom addons for adding more checks on the new registrations here I just searched and got this one, may this one fulfill your...
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    XF 2.2 Trying to get property 'language_id' of non-object

    Seems like the issue is with the XFA XFMGMediaOfTheMonth addon in its cron, you may contact the author for the fix.
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    Beta [TTG] Quick Node and Resource Filter 1.0.0

    Quick Node & Resource Search - Why Do You Need That Addon? Do you have number of forums and thousands of users on your Forum? Do you dealing with millions of resources on your forum? If Yes, Obviously, Your users feels queasy to search his required forums or resource category to post. It's...
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    [TTG] Quick Node and Resource Filter

    thetechguy submitted a new resource: [TTG] Quick Node and Resource Filter - A Quick Node and Resource Search Custom Addon Read more about this resource...