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    XF 1.1 Message Posting Error

    Yes I get the error when commenting on messages, Also we have found away around it by quoting.
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    XF 1.1 Message Posting Error

    Hi, I Have Recently Started Up A Forum And IAm Using Aroura Theme And I/Users Get A Message Saying I have Had People Say they are going to leave the site This Is A Urgent Issue Can Any One Help Me? Thanks Mike
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    [bd] Reputation System

    Hi, i like you plugin it works very well, the only problem i have got it is not giving the member the any rep when they reach 25 posts ? any help on this?
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    Sound Notification *Free*

    can you put a new link up megaupload is down
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    TaigaChat - AJAX shoutbox

    hi i have installed the chat and nothing is appering it is enabled and should be in my nav bar but it isent any help... ?
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    Used Upgrades Problem

    Hi guys I Have A Problem That When i Go To the user upgrade i get this error Admin Control Panel - Mod Forumz Server Error mysqli_stmt::bind_result() [mysqli-stmt.bind-result]: Server returned unknown type 246. Probably your client library is incompatible with the server version you use...