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  1. thedude

    Crashes in the new thread form on mobile

    Any change if you switch to the stock keyboard?
  2. thedude

    XF 2.0 Is it worth styling for the 1.x development branch?

    Develop for both. 2.0 is the future but some sites will stay on 1.x for a long time (and some forever).
  3. thedude

    Vbulletin to Xenforo with paid subs.

    Some of the folks in here do vb to xf conversions and can probably accommodate your subscription requirements: https://xenforo.com/community/forums/third-party-services-offers.42/
  4. thedude

    ImageMagick vs GD....?

    ImageMagick has some extras above GD that may be of interest to XF admins. One example is that IM is able to preserve ICC color profiles that some jpegs embed to give them "correct" color representation on the screen. Here's the patch Mike added to enable that. @Brent W is correct that IM has...
  5. thedude

    XenForo on PHP7

    Off topic but there are so many minor tweaks and improvements between versions, other than the major feature upgrades, that it's worth it to document your file hacks (or whatever modifications you've made that are holding you back) and reapply them with the latest XF versions. The small...
  6. thedude

    Elastic Search 5 and XF?

    Is this occurring with the recently released XFES 1.1.6?
  7. thedude

    Elasticsearch 5

    Now compatible with v5: https://xenforo.com/community/threads/xenforo-enhanced-search-1-1-6-released.122574/#post-1109736
  8. thedude

    331 Forums and 31 Categories?

    Might be best to create a forum for each primary geographical region these resorts are located in, instead of a forum for each particular resort.
  9. thedude

    Fixed Prevent stripping of ICC color profiles when using ImageMagick

    JPG and other formats can contain ICC color profile data in the EXIF data. Web browsers use this data to render the image with more precise color matching. Without the color profile data, there can be a noticeable difference in the appearance of the picture. php's built-in gd library does not...
  10. thedude

    Where is Kier?

    x2 It's none of anyone's business and it's disrespectful to keep questioning his activity on here, IMO.
  11. thedude

    Memcached Or Not?

    Use memcache (or redis if you use Xon's add-on)... Otherwise you're leaving some easy performance gains on the table.
  12. thedude

    Duplicate Allow flexibility in where to store attachments (local, Amazon S3, etc)

    Similar to the functionality of xfrocks' excellent Attachment Store add-on, I'd like to suggest built-in support for various options to store certain data, including attachments (so they may be served from a CDN among many other benefits). Larger XF sites are running on multiple servers with...
  13. thedude

    What are the server specs for xenforo community?

    It needs tuning like I mentioned and/or you're running some add-ins that weren't built to scale to larger loads properly. There are a few guys on here that offer services to check out those issues. We have just as many online users as what you mentioned, but with a smaller server and have no...
  14. thedude

    What are the server specs for xenforo community?

    It was running XenForo? If so it must not have been tuned properly (the database settings and other server settings) to lag with a solid machine like that.
  15. thedude

    XenForo 2.0 Discussion

    I believe I read there won't be any sort of conversion system from the current XF 1.x styles to the new 2.x styles, which is understandable considering how much is different under the hood.