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    Exceptions don't get logged if the exception message is longer than the size of a TEXT field (64k bytes)

    We were hunting down an issue with one of our add-ons that wasn't appearing in the XF server error log. Eventually we found that the message being passed to throw new XenForo_Exception() was a bit longer than the 64k TEXT field limit, so the error was not saved in the database. We've resorted...
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    Fixed When ImageMagick set as the image processor, uploading animated gif avatars results in enormous file sizes for the resized gifs

    When ImageMagick is the image processor... During the processing of an uploaded animated gif avatar, the frames of the gif get coalesced (Imagick::coalesceImages) but Imagick::deconstructImages doesn't get called after Imagick:: optimizeImageLayers gets called, resulting in a huge file size...
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    Forum concept is dying, don't you think so?

    Not even close to dying. People are social...there will always be a need for a platform to talk on. If your forum isn't gaining traction, figure out what you can do to improve it.
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    XF 2.0 config.php memcached

    It would definitely be helpful if the namespace setting was added to the Cache support page for easy reference
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    XF 2.0 Home page Oops! We ran into some problems.

    Might be a good case to reset this value when upgrading from XF1 (or reset on XF1 upgrade if the route it's pointing to doesn't exist after XF2 upgrade completes, as was our case below). We had that value changed for an addon we were using with XF1 and ran into the "Oops..." error on upgrade to...
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    MG 2.0 Where is the media Gallery storage folder?

    Just as the folder "" is not an actual folder, neither is the /media/ (or even /attachments/) folder. "threads", "media", "attachments" and more are routes that exist logically but not physically. Like the others have mentioned, media files are physically stored...
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    Image attachment resize in bbcode or editor

    Aware of those features... I'm talking about letting the user be able to do simple editing, such a cropping, on upload.
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    Image attachment resize in bbcode or editor

    This is a great idea. Letting users crop or resize the pic on the forum would be a huge timesaver for sites that are media heavy.
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    Browser issue Latest Android Chrome keyboard suggestion issues

    Looks like the issue was closed despite it still occurring with the latest Android Chrome and Gboard keyboard.
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    Browser issue Latest Android Chrome keyboard suggestion issues

    Just got the GBoard update. The issue is still present.
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    As designed Email bounce handler only sets email_bounce if current state == 'valid'

    XenForo/Model/EmailBounce::triggerUserBounceAction will only set the user's email state to 'email_bounce' if their current state is 'valid'. In our use case we have email validation required for new registrations (Options > User Registration > Enable Email Confirmation), so if a new user...
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    Browser issue Latest Android Chrome keyboard suggestion issues

    It's only in the rich text editor
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    Native Table Support

    I agree on the need for table support. However allowing native HTML in place of BB codes in never a good idea. You'd be starting from a point of insecurity (user-supplied HTML) and then working to make it secure, which is error-prone and not best practice.
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    Browser issue Latest Android Chrome keyboard suggestion issues

    Android 8.1 Chrome 64.0.3282.137 Gboard keyboard 6.9 This started after a recent Android Chrome update a couple of weeks ago. When making a post, pressing a suggestion at the top of the keyboard after typing in a word has either no effect on the word in the XF input field or jumbles the word...