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    [J] Email Check

    Is there a log created somewhere or some way to tell if we're bumping up against the 120 limit from What happens if we do? (I hope all users won't be blocked from registering if we hit that limit?) Thanks!
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    Fixed List of languages in Code selector is not in alphabetical order

    It looks like a few languages were added later to the bottom starting at AppleScript: Any way to put them in alphabetical order?
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    Unmaintained Sort Members Online Alphabetically - 1.01 - Bug fix

    As this is my very first XF2 add-on, I was sure to make some sort of mistake! This version fixes a class extension bug that prevented the sorting from taking place as expected.
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    Sort Members Online Alphabetically

    TechGuy updated Sort Members Online Alphabetically with a new update entry: Bug fix for class extension Read the rest of this update entry...
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    Sort Members Online Alphabetically

    TechGuy submitted a new resource: Sort Members Online Alphabetically - Sorts Members Online and Staff Online alphabetically instead of the default (most recent). Read more about this resource...
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    Unmaintained Sort Members Online Alphabetically 1.01

    By default, XenForo sorts the Members Online and Staff Online lists by how recently a user has been active. Some sites may prefer to have these lists sorted alphabetically. This add-on allows for that change without the need to edit core XF files that may be overwritten during upgrades. It's a...
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    XF 2.1 One User Can't Attach Files

    Thanks! I'm doing some more testing now, but in case anyone in the future comes across this thread, it looks like my issue is with modsecurity.
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    XF 2.1 One User Can't Attach Files

    Did you happen to figure this out?
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    XF 2.1 "Set thread status" while replying?

    In XF1.5, Moderators had an option to "Set thread status" and close/lock a thread from the Quick Reply area. It looks like that option no longer exists in XF2? I'm guessing that wouldn't be a simple template change, but would require a more complicated add-on? Thanks!
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    Add-on Filter/hide threads that have been deleted

    We soft delete spam posts (in case of error and for monitoring) but as a result, when I view some forums it feels like half of the threads are deleted. I'd love to have a button to quickly show/hide deleted threads when viewing forums (and have that choice persistent while browsing).
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    The Following Alerts [Paid]

    Is there any way to follow a user, or something similar, without giving an alert to that user?
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    Block Personal Conversation

    Any update on this? Maybe it's been done in xf2?
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    "Secretly" follow users (for Mods)

    It's been a while, so I thought I'd bump this back up to see if anyone has any other ideas. I'm hoping to give Moderators a button on each user to allow them to "Follow" the user and get alerts/emails when that user posts something. The link above is a step in the right direction, but would...
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    "Secretly" follow users (for Mods)

    Is there an add-on that would allow Moderators to secretly follow troublesome users (without letting them know)? Thanks!