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    Hello, I am interested in buying this license but need some of my questions answered?

    Just get @oman to install it for you. Check his reviews. Fast, cheap and quality.
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    Hello, I am interested in buying this license but need some of my questions answered?

    You start by installing xenforo on your server...
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    Moving a gaming community from vB4.2.2 to XF.

    An addon like that exists where you can tag the user group i.e. @mods. Cant recall the name of it. You might want to go through the resource section. Its definitely there.
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    Did you buy official add on?

    Bought resource manager like many when it was released but never found a reason to use it.
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    XenForo 1.x.x or 2.0.1

    Xf1 if you need addons. Xf2 if you dont.
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    Not a bug DNS ERROR NEED HELP!

    Contact your host.
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    Style Omni - A new versatile style by Pixel Exit (XF 2.0)

    Looking forward to your releases for xf2. Well done!
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    Uniform [Paid]

    Well done Ehren. Good to see you back and onto the XF2 releases :)
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    I'm looking for a world time zone add on

    There are numerous sites on the internet that have embeddable code which displays time in different countries. You basically just copy the code and add to a HTML Widget Renderer (not sure if it exists in XF2), but in XF1 using xfrocks great BD Widget Framework you could do a lot of cool things...
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    Staying on Xenforo 1 or Upgrading

    Too many custom addons and other big addons that wont be updated for XF2 for a while so ill stick to XF1 for now. Would love to see some customised XF2 installations though. By the time we do move to XF2 hope to see lots of great addons/themes and core functionalities added by then. I'll happily...
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    Tapatalk and V2

    Anyone using Tapatalk with XF1 right now? Heard it has come a long way from a year or so ago. Looking at it again as there is no viable competitor to it right now on the scene here.
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    What's new in XenForo 2.0

    Congratulations xf team! Special thanks to Mike Kier and Chris who have taken many suggestions put forward by the users and implemented it. You guys have earnt a break. You will never be able to satisfy everyone but do know that most if not all appreciate your hard work.
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    [ForumApps] Native Mobile Apps for XenForo [Paid]

    Its worth noting that you need to have your own Apple and Android developer accounts to use this app. The announcement is hidden on page 7 but should be noted in the actual resource page for everyone to note. Too many "oh we forgot to put that on the resource overview page" for mine. Please...
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    [ForumApps] Native Mobile Apps for XenForo [Paid]

    This is an issue on Android too. Played on a couple of forums and whilst it had promise is looking more like beta software. Hope it improves in the future. An update to have notifications point to the actual post should not be a feature. It should be expected from release. Want to buy but will...