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    Other Looking for some css help with node customization

    why not contact themeshack and ask them for help on it? You might need to create a support ticket on their site as their support on here goes for days/weeks/months before being answered.
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    *XenForo Addon Development *Consultation *Migration Services

    All your addons cost $5? You quoted me $20 per hour...
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    Duplicate 1.5.20 Beta 2 - Notices went wrong

    Thanks Chris, will prob wait for next release (no rush) for the fix. Appreciate the quick response.
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    Duplicate 1.5.20 Beta 2 - Notices went wrong

    Hi Chris, My notices templates have not been customised. For clarity, the issue i am getting is this:
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    Duplicate 1.5.20 Beta 2 - Notices went wrong

    I am geting this exact same issue in 1.50.20b
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    Goodfella - left me high and broke

    Yes, thats correct. Player profile is done totally using showcase. Oh you must be the one who privately emailed me (rather than msged via here). Player Profile of what you have posted is done in showcase. fixtures, table positions etc you enquired about are custom. BTW its not a good look when...
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    s9e Media BBCodes pack

    Request: Example links:
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    [H] Tabbed Threads

    Anyone know if a XF1 version of an addon similar to this exists? Would be greatly appreciated.
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    Post Threads to Twitter

    Possible xf 1.5 version?
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    Implemented Pseudo Staff

    Can we give 'pseudo staff' custom titles on here? Since they are so helpful...
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    [TH] Reactions [Paid]

    @Jake B. Are there any plans to increase price of this product by the time a stable version is released that can be put on a live board? Any estimates on when it will be out of beta testing? Anyone done a feature set comparison with Xon's version?
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    Showcase "Item Management System" (Reviews, Guides, Garage etc) [Paid]

    Cheers. Those extra tabs are showing data via custom addons. The extra tabs are created via template modification system on the showcase templates.
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    Style I'm looking for a custom design

    Steve n russ from pixelexit. Its a no brainer and should be stickied as this gets asked a lot.
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    [TH] Maximum Guest Views [Paid]

    Has there been any updates to this besides the namechange since when Waindigo sold it to you guys? Pretty sure it was free before.
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    [TH] Monetize Pro with DFP & Affiliate Link support [Paid]

    Try Siropu's Ad Manager. Tried both. No comparison. Plus Siropu has great support...