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    XF 2.4

    Cool! So it'll be released in the upcoming weeks!
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    XF 2.3 ?

    Are we there yet?
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    Keyword Linking by Siropu [Paid]

    im another who uses this keyword linking addon to link to showcase items. I also wish it was automatic for all created showcase items by name :)
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    Who is your go-to XenForo developer?

    Bob, Siropu, Xon. I prefer quality over quantity.
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    Any sort of roadmap for Xenforo 2.3 ?

    Hoping we get a HYS this year.
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    [bd] Keyword Alert [Deleted]

    Wouldnt it be better to list the resource on here with overview and screenshots on how it operates?
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    Keyword Linking by Siropu [Paid]

    I use this addon. Im 99.99% sure its the latter.
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    Change complete structure of forum - Tips on moving topics

    Batch update threads based on prefixes/description etc. 25 forums is a lot. Use prefixes extensively.
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    XF 2 Looking for XF expert to help implement some things

    you can use a html parser bbcode to embed the javascript applets. it can also be added to the editor menu. I use something similiar.
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    rules in forum

    You could just use a notice for that.
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    rules in forum

    I use to put rules on for specific threads. Shows up just before the Reply box. Really easy to add Rules per thread. Shows up before reply box on all the pages.
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    rules in forum

    There is an addon that does this if you are interested.
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    XF 2.2 Work on New Theme in Background

    Disable the addon, and then just use the Import functionality. If you are new to xenforo, i would recommend you use another style/addon than what is developed by TH. (i currently use UI.X myself)
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    ForumSolution-Complete services of forum (Development , Design , Migration and more)

    Would you recommend him as comparable to fahad who made a number of addons for you? I hope xenforo staff is keeping tabs on this "new" developer who suspiciously joined a few days after fahad was banned. Surprised this "new" developer ignored my messages to him yet seems very keen to work...