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    XF 2.1 Unfurling URLs, Emoji enhancements and video uploads

    Hi Chris, is there ability to blacklist domains where you dont want the links to unfurl from? For example i dont want internal links from my site to be unfurled, is that possible?
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    XF 2.1 UNFURL

    Would be nice to have the option to list domains you don't want to unfurl, for example internal links.
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    Sphynxlair - Hairless Cat Community

    Nice, clean layout. Hate those weird looking cats, but thats a nice looking site for your genre. well done!
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    Cat breeds forum SjEd

    same feedback as before: makes zero sense to have so many subforums...theres even forums in there with a total of 0 threads in there. If i were you, i would learn how to use prefix in a useful manner. To me, if a section doesnt have atleast 150-200 threads, it does not deserve a subforum, a...
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    Fixed Unfurling URL's

    Mike, Check this out. First post by ME, i post a link and it DOESNT unfurl. Third post by ME, i post the same thing and it unfurls.
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    XF 2.1 Reactions 👍😍🤣😲🙁😡

    How do we use Reactions on a mobile browser? clicking Like just likes it and doesnt bring up all the possible reactions.
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    XF 2.1 One-click upgrades and add-on install/upgrade from ZIP files

    Look forward to the last HYS. Well done XF team!
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    Automatically transfer all post attachments to Media Gallery

    This is a must. I would buy MG again if they had this feature as right now the Media Gallery is hardly looked at right now as users dont like to add new pics in there themselves.
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    Custom Tool Bar by Xenbros [Paid]

    It did(well a new addon created), based on this post containing the '3 most popular suggestions'.
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    Custom Tool Bar by Xenbros [Paid]

    I feel sorry for your customers who bought your product as outlined above, that you went and extended it further but are requesting them to buy a totally different product. Good to know though. Will avoid your resources in the future.
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    Custom Tool Bar by Xenbros [Paid]

    What are those 3 popular features?
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    XF 2.0 Quick thread...can someone help make me smarter? :D

    did you try disabling your addons? all of them. @DragonByte Tech see mesg above. Seems to be referring to a script from your credits addon.