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    Unfortunate positioning of "Go to page" menu on touch devices

    Clicking the "1 of x" button in the pagenav on mobile devices autofocuses the page number input field which in turn causes the virtual keyboard to occupy the lower part of the screen. Depending on the position of the "1 of x" button in the visual viewport, the positioning of the "Go to page"...
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    It's really easy to lose a message when clicking an internal link in the preview

    Start writing a new post that contains an internal link (such that the link doesn't use target="_blank" but opens in the current tab). Instead of clicking "Post reply", click the "Preview" button. Now click the link in the preview. The linked page opens (in the same tab) and your post is lost...
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    "Go to page": Touch target size of buttons is too small

    Our users say that the the "+" and "-" buttons in the "Go to page" menu are hard to hit on touch devices. I think they are right, those buttons have a width of only 25 pixels. "A minimum recommended touch target size is around 48 device independent pixels on a site with a properly set mobile...
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    Duplicate Froala WYSIWYG editor deletes newline when deleting only character of a paragraph.

    This issue has been fixed in Froala a few days ago: So the next XenForo release should fix this issue.
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    XF2: add page numbers at top of forum in mobile version. :)

    The lack of a pagenav at the top is something that our users have pointed out again and again since we switched from vB4 to XF2 about 4 weeks ago. They'd really like to see this. :) Un-hiding the top pagenav for small viewports is as easy as removing the code block that starts with // Hide any...
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    Don't autolink invalid URLs like "http://"

    If a user enters the following text (they are talking about IPv6 addresses): What about (http://[<ipv6-address>])? Then XenForo autolinks it like this: What about (http://[<ipv6-address>])? Obviously, http:// is not a valid URL. Maybe XenForo could call filter_var($url, FILTER_VALIDATE_URL)...
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    Froala: Enable translation of "Ctrl" phrase in button tooltip

    The next Froala release will make it possible to translate the "Ctrl" string in the tooltips of buttons. Could you please add a XenForo phrase for this? :)
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    [post] bb code imported in conversations and signatures

    Actually, the vB4 importer contains code to rewrite such BB Codes (see But signatures (and private messages) were forgotten when implementing this feature. The importer only rewrites...
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    Login: Redirect to previously visited page when using the dedicated login page, too

    If you login using the dedicated login page ( instead of using the overlay (for example because pages outside of your forum cannot show such overlays) then XenForo should still try to redirect the user to the previously visited page (and not to the homepage)...
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    Froala: Copying to text editor duplicates line-breaks

    XenForo uses Froala's default Enter option $.FroalaEditor.ENTER_P (, but sets the margin of "p" elements to 0. Therefore, when copying text from XenForo's Froala to a text editor...
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    Post Move Alert: Link to Post instead of Thread

    The post move alert ("Your post in the thread {title} was moved to {target}", phrase "your_post_in_thread_x_was_moved_to_y") links to the target thread. If the target thread has many pages then a link to the first page of the thread isn't that helpful for the user. What do you think about...
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    Handling of links with empty link text (e.g. [URL=][/URL])

    Consider the following BB Code: It is syntactically valid but obviously the link title is empty/missing. Two observations: 1) When using the plaintext editor, you can submit such a link just fine and XenForo will render an invisible link. I think it's impossible to prevent someone from...
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    XF 2.0 Browser fingerprinting?

    Could be the hidden Canvas element that Modernizr (which is used by XenForo) creates for feature detection. This would be a false positive. Cannot be changed without code modifications afaik.
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    Image\Gd should increase memory limit _before_ calling imagecreatefrom{gif,jpeg,png}

    The method \XF\Image\Gd::_imageFromFile increases the memory limit depending on the width and height of the image. But this only happens after the image has already been loaded into memory. Therefore, large images can trigger "Allowed memory size of ... bytes exhausted" errors. If you use the...
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    Participants leaving a conversation & removing them from one

    If someone leaves a conversation but keeps "Accept future messages" checked then I don't think it's necessary to let other participants know about it (because he'll automatically rejoin the conversation when a new message is sent). But if someone leaves a conversation and chooses "Ignore future...