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    Search query tokenizer turns query "term1 - term2" into "term1 -term2" (i.e. it negates term2)

    The search query tokenizer of XenForo turns the query "term1 - term2" into "term1 -term2" (it removes the whitespace in front of "term2" and therefore negates it). I think this is not intuitive and doesn't match the behaviour of Elasticsearch's "simple_query_string" tokenzier either. This can...
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    XF301VB: Add missing redirect for newthread.php URLs

    This may not strictly be a bug but can be easily patched. :) --- a/src/addons/XF301VB/Mvc/Router.php +++ b/src/addons/XF301VB/Mvc/Router.php @@ -107,11 +120,13 @@ class Router extends XFCP_Router case 'printthread.php': case 'showpost.php': case...
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    XF301VB: Fix for feed redirects

    Without this patch, feed URLs are redirected to the forum view. --- a/src/addons/XF301VB/Pub/Controller/Redirect.php +++ b/src/addons/XF301VB/Pub/Controller/Redirect.php @@ -155,7 +155,7 @@ class Redirect extends Controller return $this->noPermission(); }...
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    XF301VB\Mvc\Router::routeToController misses two "break" statements

    --- XF301VB/Mvc/Router.php 2018-09-20 08:37:31.844287072 +0200 +++ XF301VB/Mvc/Router.php 2018-09-20 08:37:52.938162747 +0200 @@ -220,6 +220,7 @@ { return $match; } + break; } // vB3 / vB4...
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    Warn member: "fitHeight" problem with the conversation message textarea

    @Chris D This issue doesn't seem to be fixed in XenForo 2.0.10. Could you please have another look?
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    DuplicateKeyException: Duplicate entry 'post-123-456' for key 'content_type_id_like_user_id'

    I think this issue is similar to the issue "DuplicateKeyException: Duplicate entry 'thread-123-456' for key 'draft_key_user'". XF\Db\DuplicateKeyException: MySQL query error [1062]: Duplicate entry 'post-123-456' for key 'content_type_id_like_user_id' src/XF/Db/AbstractStatement.php:212...
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    Fixed XF301VB: Categories aren't redirected properly

    Yeah, the additional dot doesn't seem to cause any issues besides looking strange. (I may have assumed that this wouldn't work without actually testing it back in May.)
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    Duplicate XF301VB: Bad entry in $simpleMap

    The fix is correct. Although I'd still argue that this redirect should be changed to /watched/threads because the vB4 usercp.php lists watched threads and watched forums (
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    Fixed XF301VB: Categories aren't redirected properly

    In our case, without the str_replace hack the redirect URL for is instead of Node 1 is a...
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    Fixed Broken Change Log

    Yeah, this could be fixed by adding "word-break: normal" to the generated-content ::before elements.
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    Editor contents scrolled out of sight when focusing editor with lots of text

    At least in Chrome for Android (I haven't tested this in other browsers but our users say that it affects Firefox for Android, too) there is the following issue: When focusing an editor with lots of text (such that it doesn't auto-expand anymore, like here) the editor contents are scrolled out...
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    Fixed Structured data Breadcrumblist error

    Alternatively, XenForo could use the JSON-LD markup for breadcrumbs which seems to be the prefered format for structured data nowadays: (Also needs a "position" attribute but feels less awkward than meta tags in your <body>.)
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    Fixed Broken Change Log

    Have you tried adding word-break: break-word; only to the "old" and "new" cells (i.e. not to the whole table)? :)
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    Fixed Broken Change Log

    I've seen that issue, too. I've just tested in the Chrome developer tools that adding word-break: break-word; to the table cells fixes it.