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    XF\Util\Ip::convertIpBinaryToString produces invalid IPv6 address

    <?php $ip = '1000:2000:3000:4000::'; $binaryIp = inet_pton($ip); $ip2 = inet_ntop($binaryIp); var_dump($ip, $ip2); $ php ip-bug2.php string(21) "1000:2000:3000:4000::" string(21) "1000:2000:3000:4000::"
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    XF\Util\Ip::convertIpBinaryToString produces invalid IPv6 address

    <?php $dir = __DIR__; require ($dir . '/src/XF.php'); XF::start($dir); $ip = '1000:2000:3000:4000::'; $binaryIp = \XF\Util\Ip::convertIpStringToBinary($ip); $ip2 = \XF\Util\Ip::convertIpBinaryToString($binaryIp); var_dump($ip, $ip2); $ php ip-bug.php string(21) "1000:2000:3000:4000::"...
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    vB4 Import: Attachment "upload_date" set to \XF::$time

    The importer seems to set the attachment "upload_date" (displayed e.g. in the "Attachment browser") to \XF::$time. I think it should be set to the vb_attachment "dateline" value.
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    vB4 Import: Signature permission "Allow images" not followed

    vBulletin allows saving a signature with
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    vB4 import: error

    Have a look at this thread for your second issue: https://xenforo.com/community/threads/vb4-xf202-import-error.142280/
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    Native Table Support

    I'm migrating a forum from vBulletin 4 to XenForo 2. I like XenForo 2 a lot but the lack of [TABLE] support is a major paint point (vB4 supports [TABLE] and we therefore have quite a few of them). It would be awesome if XenForo natively supported [TABLE]. :) (I don't care about the concrete...
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    Importer: Fix logically broken query in "AbstractForumImporter::canRetainIds" (very minor issue)

    Search: SELECT MAX(user_id) FROM xf_thread Replace with: SELECT MAX(thread_id) FROM xf_thread
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    vB4 Import: CRLF vs. LF in signature and message text

    vBulletin uses CRLF (carriage return + line feed) to encode a line break in signature and message text. XenForo uses just LF (line feed) because its InputFilterer class removes all carriage returns. When I "edit" a user signature or a post message without changing anything (i.e. I just save it...
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    vB4 Import: User change log entry "Banned No → Yes" for each banned user

    The problem is that the importer creates a new change log entry (with the current date). (Afaik the vb_userchangelog table is not imported at all.)
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    xf_user_field_value contains lots of empty values

    The table xf_user_field_value contains lots of rows with empty "field_value" columns because an entry is created even if the user has not entered anything into such a custom input field. Those empty values are created when editing a profile and during the (vB4) import. Is this intended...
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    vB4 Import: User change log entry "Banned No → Yes" for each banned user

    The importer should not create a new user change log entry "Banned No → Yes" for each banned user.
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    vB4 Import: BBCode tag [noparse] should be rewritten to [plain]

    The PLAIN BBCode seems to be the equivalent of vBulletin's NOPARSE BBCode.
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    vB4 Import: BBCode tags [thread] and [post] should be rewritten to [url]

    XenForo does not support the BBCode tags [thread] and [post]. Both should be rewritten to the URL BBCode. Something like this in the getPostMessage method should work: $message = preg_replace_callback('#\[(thread|post)\](\d+)\[/\1\]#i', function($m) { $url = $this->app->options()->boardUrl...
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    vB4 Avatar Import: "TODO: work out why on earth I added this??"

    The method "stepAvatars" contains the following comment: "TODO: work out why on earth I added this??" I think the referenced code originates from here: https://xenforo.com/community/threads/vbulletin-4-x-import-wrong-avatar-filenames.137737/ The referenced code is not required but could be a...
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    Fixed vBulletin 4.x Import: [QUOTE] tags broken

    I'd dump the import and run it again with this fix applied (and maybe even wait for XenForo 2.0.1 with more importer fixes). I hope this was a test import. :)