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    Threadloom to be retired

    What will become of the beloved TAZ??
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    Anyone use a different term other than forums or community?

    I used to have a main site, a forum, and a wiki, but now my root redirects to my forum. The forum lives at /roleplay-forum and the wiki is at /wiki There was once a /forum and a /roleplay but those were other forum softwares, which briefly ran concurrently as we were transitioning, and that was...
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    Spam bot registering with TOR?

    You can set a list of blocked email providers in your ACP. I have a long list in there that prohibits "throwaway" email sites. It is possible to register using TOR, and I don't think we should automatically block people for using privacy tools like proxies. But you can use something like...
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    Replacing Chatbox with Discord server

    I noticed on my Discord server I can now make actual forum threads in the Discord. It's a recent feature. I haven't enabled it because Discord has sucked away most of my forum's posting activity already and I don't want to kill my forum. I strongly prefer to host the content instead of relying...
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    How to catch someone leaking screenshots from a private forum?

    Put a little Robohash robot somewhere in the page?
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    Are there any goto addons for determining if users are sharing passwords

    It could just mean the user is using a VPN for privacy, though.
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    Is the Media Gallery add-on redundant?

    Don't forget the XFMG is also a great place to put videos, music, and podcasts if you have some related to your forum. For example I have convention panels and my "soundtrack" for my RPG in mine.
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    Slimming down a fat forum - dealing with bloat and old content - what to do with it all?

    Maybe you could migrate the most valuable content to a wiki or articles or something and remove only low-quality stuff like people posting cat photos?
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    How do I hide parts of the content within a thread?

    Thanks! I was also thinking that if you have the Xenforo Media Gallery or Xenforo Resource Manager add-ons, you could restrict the media or resources (e.g. downloads) to premium members by setting permissions on them and link to those from the public threads.
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    GDPR Terms and Conditions

    Posts are not personally identifiable information unless they contain PII (e.g. a user's location) etc. Therefore there's typically no reason to remove them. Renaming then deleting the account should be sufficient in most cases. (Obligatory I'm not a lawyer)
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    How do I hide parts of the content within a thread?

    Not that I know of. Access control is done on a thread level. I suggest just making another thread in a premium member forum and put a link to that in the public thread.
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    Search forum - handpicked threads?

    You could give the threads a special prefix and then have a search forum for that prefix.
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    Style change & indexed page drop?

    If all you did was change the color, it's probably just them messing with their algorithm. Alternatively it could be something about your content (authority, trust, freshness, quality, etc) or even a change in what sites link to yours. Just make your site the best it can be and hope for the best.
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    Style change & indexed page drop?

    Is the new style slower to load?
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    Issue with user around deleted thread and alleged defamation

    I'm US-based, but I would not provide private or personal information about any user to any other user unless ordered to do so by a court. You did the right thing by removing the thread. I don't think there's anything else you need to do but I would definitely ban someone for the shill account...