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    Resource Manager, file manager or dl manager

    You might be able to offload file storage to a third party like Amazon.
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    Tapatalk notifications

    Tapatalk is a security risk and I recommend everyone get rid of it as soon as possible. In the past, Tapatalk has had such highlights as letting members read each others' private messages, allowing banned members to post, and more. Here's a list of current known security issues...
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    Duplicate It's time to XenForo modernize his social features: Clubs/Communities for XenForo

    Well, if your site doesn't give them the functionality they want, they'll just make their subforum on a Discord server or another forum so you might as well host them on your site.
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    Eu privacy laws

    I'm not a lawyer and this isn't legal advice, but basically the answer is yes. You don't have to delete the person's posts, though, unless they contain personal information.
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    Is it good to use a third party style/theme with its own framework?

    If you're talking about ThemeHouse UI.X, I've been using it for years and there's essentially no problems with compatibility that I've run into.
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    XF 2.2 Importing from “free” forums like

    Most free forum sites don't give access to the actual database or charge you a large fee to export so you may have to get your content with some sort of custom scraper unfortunately. The best part of self-hosting your forum is that you control your data. For example my current forum started on...
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    Does Xenforo has child themes?

    You can add, for example, a child style that only you (the admin) can see and play around with it on your live site until it looks the way you want. When it's ready you check a box to make it public. Super easy.
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    Consent notice

    Did you consent to them collecting it? :P
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    Batch update thread author

    I've seen one for individual posts but not a batch one. I assume you'd have to run some sort of SQL command on your database that says basically "from the posts table, select posts with author Alice, update post author field to Bob."
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    XF2 [8WR] Discord Integration [Paid]

    It's for new threads. I don't know about posts.
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    Post Content Find / Replace

    What if it's being blocked by an application firewall?
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    Add support for Etc/UTC timezone

    Excellent suggestion. This would be very useful for military forums that operate on universal "Zulu" time.
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    XF2 [8WR] Discord Integration [Paid]

    Bump for visibility
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    XF2 [8WR] Discord Integration [Paid]

    I'm not an expert, but based on the error messages above, it looks to me like the Themehouse User Improvements plugin has altered the way users are handled, and the Discord plugin is trying to get a list of users' groups and it's getting unexpected results, causing an error.
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    Admin User Search has all fields except Website, please add to the search

    Just installed and deleted a bunch of spammer accounts. Thanks a ton for this!