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    aMember Pro with XenForo2 Plugin [Paid]

    You can customize aMember portal, login pages, etc. by editing the appropriate HTML template (CSS will do it too) in the templates folder. I didn't bother on my end -- customers don't really care as long as they can punch in their order and get what they want. : ) Ray
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    aMember Pro with XenForo2 Plugin [Paid]

    Hmm, we've been letting aMember handle logins for a long time now but this is something worth considering when we finally upgrade our forums to XF 2... Thanks for sharing! Ray
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    aMember Pro with XenForo2 Plugin [Paid]

    I can vouch for aMember -- I've used it continually since the early 2000s to date with many different platforms -- I would upgrade to something else (i.e. in our case from vBulletin to Xenforo and ExpressionEngine to Wordpress, etc.) and aMember would plug right into it and keep working so it's...
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    XF 2 NEEDED: Experienced Amember Developer.

    You may want to reach out to @MySiteGuy -- he's our developer and has done an outstanding job over the years. We use aMember with XF and Wordpress so he has knowledge of it. Ray
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    Forums are dead

    That's good news! I suspect this has to do with Facebook now requiring logins to view content on their network (meaning search engines can no longer crawl 'em). At least it's the case on my end - I deleted my FB account awhile ago and I noticed each time I follow a FB link it requires login to...
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    [AP] Activity/Longevity Meters

    Interesting! How is the longevity portion computed? Ray
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    Amazon SES Bounces Support

    Am curious, what solution did you end up using? Thanks. Ray
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    XenForo Cloud discussion

    Very interesting! Reminds me of the approach the Discourse folks took which was very successful for them. I wish the same for you guys too -- have been using Xenforo for nearly a decade now. Here's to your continued success! Ray
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    What's New Digest

    Right, my point is when folks sign up, the screen just refreshes (minus widget), there is no clear indication the subscription "took" from a usability standpoint. Ray
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    [OzzModz] Verify Email Before Registration [Paid]

    This is interesting! Would it be possible to make it so when the user clicks their verification code email link it prefills the registration form with their verification code? To save them the trouble of having to copy and paste? Thanks, Ray
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    What's New Digest

    This is great. I prefer it over the summary activity email because it's much easier to read/digest at a glance. Props! Ray P.S. The only thing that threw me a bit is when signing up there is no confirmation displayed, it just reloads the page so I thought I needed to do it again. From a...
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    Amazon SES Bounces Support

    I'll try re-setting everything up sometime tomorrow which should been enough time for Amazon to clear out whatever it is on their end. Will let you know! Thank you, Ray
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    XF 2.2 Writing before registering

    I'm loving this and very much appreciate Xenforo's ongoing enhancements. One issue I do have while testing this out as as a guest posting a new thread, it made me do the hCaptcha twice -- once as I posted my message in the thread and then again when it asked me to register. It seems redundant...
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    Amazon SES Bounces Support

    I appreciate your patience too! : ) Okay, I deleted everything and restarted the whole thing following your directions step by step. I can also confirm via the NGNIX logs that the endpoint is receiving a hit from Amazon. [07/May/2021:21:44:35 +0000] "POST /api/amazon-ses/bounce HTTP/1.1" 500...