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    Holiday Joy

    Just installed it on our XF1.5 Edge style and it works wonderfully... Now all I need is a Rumchatta to go with it. ; ) Props and thanks, Russ! Ray
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    XF 2.0 Tapatalk emojis are too big

    I'd keep an eye on this development -- @truonglv 's a good developer and could come out with a really nice replacement for Tapatalk:
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    Other XenForo App for both ios and android under developing

    Ooo, very interesting! Will be watching and looking forward to trying it out. Would love to get away from Tapatalk. Thanks! Ray
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    [ES] Unable to change "Index Configuration" options

    I checked and there are no disk space issues at the moment... Hmm. I haven't opened a ticket yet just to see if others chime in here. Ray
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    [ES] Unable to change "Index Configuration" options

    Oddly enough, I am experiencing this problem for version X1.5 and ES1.8. Everything works but it won't let me change the default configuration, i.e. to allow stemming. I can submit it but it switches back to the default. How was this resolved? Thanks, Ray
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    [TAC] Stop Human Spam [Paid]

    For XF1.5 I have an issue -- even though it is set in options not to trigger in Conversations, it still does as reported by members. Is this a bug? Thanks, Ray
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    Best Answers vs Q&A vs both simultaneously?

    What did you end up going with? Ray
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    Add-on [PAID] Phrases Search & Replace

    Any chance you can make this add-on available? Ray
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    Twitter integration not working

    Odd, whenever I try to add this callback in Twitter, it keeps rejecting it as invalid website URL. Any other suggestions? Ray
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    s9e Media BBCodes pack

    Any chance of supporting (or showing me how to add it as a custom entry)? It's fairly popular for video breakdowns and we use it on our site often for football. Here's an example of a video we have: Thanks! Ray P.S. Loved your last FAQ line ; )
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    [SolidMean] ForumBackup

    Hmm, I just installed this to give it a try. Code backups were taking forever because we have a huge amount of image/cache files and it was timing out. I decided to try excluding caches, etc. but it's still timing out. BTW, database backups also time out but they do finish somehow. What's the...
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    Tickets [Paid]

    I'd like to see this, too. Thanks! Ray
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    Showcase "Item Management System" (Reviews, Guides, Garage etc) [Paid]

    How hard would it be to do this? Ray
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    Chat by Siropu [Paid]

    Any update on this, Siropu? Thank you, Ray
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    Quick Thread by AddonsLab [Paid]

    I went to purchase this but noticed the addition of a $10 setup fee in the shopping cart that I could not remove. I don't need installation or set up service, I can do it myself if that's what this is for. If not, what is the setup fee for? @AddonsLab Thanks! Ray