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    A Good Alternative to Notepad++

    Main advantage is they're all multi-platform, running on Windows, Mac and Linux while Notepad++ is Windows-only (as far as I know). Feature-wise, Notepad++ holds up pretty well as a general purpose editor, but there are more powerful extensions for VS Code, Atom and, to a lesser extent, Sublime...
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    A Good Alternative to Notepad++

    Atom and Visual Studio Code are both excellent free editors. Sublime Text is very similar, but does everything 5 times faster using 1/5 memory . Guess that's the reason it costs money. And there is always Vim. It does everything, 10 times faster and does not cost money. Rumors have it, there...
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    my first smart phone

    Some can do 10+ hours of constant video playback / browsing in certain testing scenarios, but yeah, most don't last longer than 7-10 hours display-on time. Looking at the tests on gsmarena for example, the differences in battery lifetime aren't that big. The major differences come from the...
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    my first smart phone

    My Z3 Compact lasts me 3 days on average (I'm not a heavy user though, but it's probably the most battery-friendly smartphone on the market right now). My other phone (a One M8) never made it more than 2 days at basically the same usage pattern, so there is a noticeable difference. The weaker...
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    Inbox By Gmail

    The fact that people need a guide for something that should be simple and intuitive is a clear indication for a failed concept. Imho, Inbox is overhyped and its usefulness is questionable. I tried it for a while, but went back to normal GMail.
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    Why Is XenForo Better Then Free Forum Scripts?

    If you get ripped off, it's entirely your own fault. Open Source means you basically can fix everything yourself. Instead of investing money, you invest time to learn - in the end, it's a better investment, because everything you learned cannot be taken from you and might be used to make money...
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    Check your Elastic Search installation - AVForums was hacked Saturday 7th March

    It is a common misconception that a firewall will solve all problems, especially if the problem was caused by a very simple configuration error and should not have existed in the first place. Basic rule: Any service that does not *have* to be accessible from the outside simply must not listen...
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    Detailed post about HHVM implementation at Wikipedia

    Looking promising. Finally, PHP might become a viable alternative to JVM and similar solutions for projects where performance really matters.
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    Protection Against Hackers

    This is true. Running sshd on a non-privileged port >1024 is actually a bigger security risk, because it makes it easier to attack sshd with fake daemons (binding to a port >1024 doesn't need a root exploit in the first place, that's why it's a bad idea to do that). Running sshd on a different...
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    Amass forum software

    What exactly has an ORM to do with security? It's a myth that you cannot write safe code with plain SQL. Prepared statements combined with type safety are really all you need, and even without such helpers, it's perfectly possible to write secure database code. It just requires more knowledge...
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    Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens Teaser Trailer

    Gregor Clegane would be jealous. That one looks mean :)
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    Link Shorteners

    Easy solution:
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    Windows 10

    Basically, it's what I (and many others) said when 8 was announced / released. Mixing traditional and touch-oriented user interface concepts is wrong and won't work. Ever. It took them only 2 years to realize this. Bye bye Metro on a desktop or laptop, you won't be missed. Oh, and virtual...
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    Which iPhone 6 will you get?

    They do talk a lot to each other - via their lawyers :)
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    Which iPhone 6 will you get?

    Don't want to test this with mine though :) But I can imagine this easily. The Aluminum frame will always be more flexible than the display, so even a slight bend (one that returns to its original state when forces are released) might cause this. Or, if the glue that holds the display in the...