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    Not a bug Unfollowing member does not remove from member news feed

    Apologies, it seems there was an option to cache the news feed specifically. Disabling this option fixed the issue. I am new to XenForo and am not sure if this problem is localized to myself, thought I'd see if anyone can reproduce this problem. Basically if you follow a user, view your...
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    XF 1.1 Recent Activity Template

    I am building a custom page and wish to use the output from the global Recent Activity page. However when I try to include the template for the feed it tells me it is empty when it isn't. Is there a special procedure to outputting the Recent Activity? <div id="myDiv"> <xen:include...
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    XF 1.1 Addons & Templates

    Ah ok, that makes more sense. Recently I got the notice a template was marked as outdated and I started reading about the TMS addon and how it makes it so it will apply template edits without messing with the actual template so XenForo can update flawlessly every time. I see your point though...
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    XF 1.1 Addons & Templates

    So basically I would need to add a callback listener for each template edit? There would be no way to stop the edits so I don't have to compare the 2 template files and revert them back to default?
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    XF 1.1 Addons & Templates

    I am new to XenForo and really like how it handles hooks into the templates. My question is can addons manipulate these templates? Say I want to use the Template Modification System addon and I install an addon that does not have a TMS xml file. Would I need to go through each template that was...
  6. ScopeXL | Recent Activity as Homepage

    I had this problem too, its because the mod rewrites xenforos default phrase "recent_activity" so on mod removal it deletes it entirely. Go to Appearance -> Language & Phrases -> Phrases and add a new phrase titled "recent_activity" with whatever string you want to replace it as.