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    [TH] Ignore More [Paid]

    Likewise. I'm not going to purchase if this addon doubles our server load.
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    Goodbye forums, Hello Facebook groups!

    Nope. Doing fine, thanks :D That'll be the USP I mentioned a year ago.
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    PemBer To XenForo 2 Port/Migration

    Can confirm that @AddonFlare saved our butts big-time. Thoroughly recommended!
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    How do you detect multiple accounts?

    How soon is soon? Because we've needed an XF2.x version of this for well over a year now and we're currently wasting a lot of admin time doing all the detective work by hand...
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    Add-on Is there a Ticket System for XF2?

    Is that a couple as in thirty? :D More seriously, throwing my hat into the ring of people needing an addon with this functionality.
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    [TH] Join User Group

    Would pay good money for a 2.0 version of this. @Dalton Prock, @Mike Creuzer, if you want to quote me for it let me know.
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    XF 2.0 Adding a custom attribute to postbit?

    I'd like to add the gender attribute to the postbit. As our XF2.x install is shiny and new I thought now would be a great time to break it! 😂
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    iO Dark Mode [Paid]

    @Mike Creuzer I assume you worked some magic! The password reset worked this time <3
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    iO Dark Mode [Paid]

    Hi Mike! I suspect it dropped dead while creating my account, because I never received an email to confirm, yet now when I try to log in it says "You have provided invalid login credentials." But I can't create a new account because my email address exists, and yet it won't send me a password...
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    iO Dark Mode [Paid]

    Your website isn't letting me register / logon. Cannot purchase.
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    Oreo [Paid]

    No problem, and thank you :)
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    Oreo [Paid]

    Downgrade? Eh? I want to know whether, if I buy and install Oreo, all colour variations are available for users to switch between.
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    Oreo [Paid]

    Can users select which version of the theme they want to use, or is it set site-wide only?
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    PemBer - Professional Paid Membership Plugin [Deleted]

    You'll still have all their recurring payment profiles in place, but the callback to your forum will stop working.