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    HTML BBCode (permission protected) [Paid]

    I'm not sure what's wrong here. I'm logged in as an administrator and doesn't work. It just displays the code. EDIT: Nevermind, I accidentally put 'Never' permission to 'Registered Users' user group. Now it's working. :LOL:
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    Post approval permissions for usergroups?

    Thanks! It actually worked. Thread Status: Awaiting moderation before being displayed publicly.
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    Post approval permissions for usergroups?

    I must be blind, but couldn't find option for this. Is there option somewhere to make specific usergroup's messages to be manually approved by a moderator before they appear to forum? I've tried SMF and you could make this kind of permission easily. I can only find option in node settings...
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    I noticed something on my end. If you press the 'revert?' button on Adstyler, it kills the style on it. Also styler doesn't show up if you press the button until the page is refreshed (after pressing that 'revert?' button and closing the styler).