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    [TH] Hotspots [Deleted]

    second that... @ThemeHouse when is XF2?
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    [OzzModz] XFRM Resources Layout [Paid]

    For instance, this is how it looks now - default (P.S. using RM as Classifieds, but irrelevant for this example) Moving categories into the main frame and adding options to include/expand sub-categories like below mockup
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    [OzzModz] XFRM Resources Layout [Paid]

    any chance you can adjust how categories are displayed as well? current default category layout in RM isn't adjustable, any chance to move them to the main frame and have ability to list sub-categories with option to expand or collapse? maybe same layout as forums and sub-forums...
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    [XenConcept] Confessionals [Paid]

    is there consideration for an updated version? ETA?
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    [EAE] Bumper [Paid]

    Is there a way to sell Bumps to users, single, package etc, for posts and resources bumps
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    Ads Manager 2 by Siropu [Paid]

    Good day, is there a way to setup ads to run only on certain days of the week for the total certain duration. for instance i would like to setup an ad that would run only Monday and Wednesday, yet for 30 days (Mondays and Wednesdays)
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    [DBTech] Tweet Poster

    Great product, any chance to add following options: 1. tweet reply (not just new thread) 2. tweet new Resource post (from Xenforo RM)
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    Other Is there a way to display Resources Categories expanded by default?

    Hi, wondering if there is a way to set Resources Categories to display expanded into all sub-categories by default when accessing resources? Currently all categories are displayed collapsed by default and i couldn't find a way to change that.
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    [XenGenTr] Ultimate Postbit

    same here, registered, but not approved by administrator. why make it so difficult to download it, since it's free, post it here @netr0n
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    added the code, but still missing, i think the option is missing under Message user elements
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    UserVoice (XF 2.1)

    Hi, Installed it, then tried to disable addon, as soon as disabled, receiving following error: MySQL query error [1364]: Field 'votes' doesn't have a default value src/XF/Db/AbstractStatement.php Seems there is an issue with addon, found similar error encountered with other addons here...
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    [OzzModz] XFRM Resources Layout [Paid]

    I guess you still did not add Categories layout option to this version.
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    Add-on Resources - Categories Layout -addon request

    Hi all, still looking for a developer for this request.
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    Add-on Port Request of [XFA] Medias Contest from XF1.X TO XF 2.X

    Still looking for a developer for this one
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    Classifieds [Paid]

    Currently using RM for classifieds purposes, is there a way to import from RM listings into this Classifieds addon?