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    XF 1.3 User rank images?

    Hi guys! :) It is possible to allocate different rank images to different user titles like in other forum softwares? For example: [USER] is new here (0-9 Points). All users with 0-9 points should have 1 Star. Users with 10-50 points should have 2 stars and so on. Regards, Roman
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    XF 1.3 Color changes are only visible to guests

    Hey, guys! I've a problem with some style color changes. Some chances are only visible to guests. In guest view, some font color parts are bold and darker. :confused: Regards, Roman
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    XF 1.3 Color of container part

    Hey, guys! :) I wanna color a part of the container. Just the part, which is inside of the borders., not the full container. Can anyone help me? Regards, Roman