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    [TH] Reactions [Paid]

    Any way to export TH reactions data into XenForo 2.1? I will like to switch to XF rather than keep using this addon.
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    🔥 [] Replace smilies by HD Emojis 👍 [Paid]

    When you issue the smile action (toolbar button) there's a "Success" message showing up op top. This obviously comes from the XHR used by the addon. I think that the "Success" message is not needed at all because it is obvious that the request succeed otherwise the emoji selector won't be...
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    [XenConcept] Advanced Forum Rules [Paid]

    I've found a bug in this resource (2.0.3) Custom phrase for xc_advanced_forum_rules_accept is being overridden when the JS timer ends, which changes the text from the button to "Accept" this happens because you didn't added the phrase to XF.phrases object. js/counter.js...
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    [XenConcept] Advanced Forum Rules [Paid]

    I took the screen from the resource page. I don't own a license for your resource, I don't know if it will fit my needs based on the descriptions and screenshots that I'm seeing in the resource product page.
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    [XenConcept] Advanced Forum Rules [Paid]

    I'm a little bit confused with the "Excluded Forums" thing: If I get this right, you have to select the nodes where the rule won't be applied is that correct? I ask because in my case I want to force users to read specific per-node rules before creating new threads and I think that it will be...
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    Force to read a thread (STFRT2)

    While this resource does perfectly the "read this thread before reading something else" it lacks the option of force users to read a thread before creating a new thread. I think that this misses the concept or the resource itself: Missing the condition for creating a new thread shows a lack in...
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    [TH] Question and Answer Forums [Paid]

    Found a bug for src\addons\ThemeHouse\QAForums\_data\template_modifications.xml Line 16: <replace><![CDATA[<xf:if is="{$thread.th_is_qa_qaforum}"> {{ phrase('th_ask_question_qaForums') }}...
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    [TH] Question and Answer Forums [Paid]

    I purchased this recently and unfortunately the call to action button doesn't say "ask a question". Tried disabling custom styling, disabling extra add-ons, keeps saying "Post thread". I'm using latest xenforo and latest stuff from audentio (reactions, ui.x, node styler). I've already opened a...
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    Duplicate Update from dashboard?

    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ no problem, I do the same to skip features that I don't want to work on it.
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    Duplicate Update from dashboard?

    Hi, This has been already suggested in 2010. I've been using XenForo since 2012 and I've already lost count of how many times I had to login to customer area, download the upgrade package, upload the package and finally run /install. In 2012 this procedure was "ok" but in 2018 it is a missing...
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    [TH] Reactions [Paid]

    What about an accurate way to re-count stats? If you delete a reaction or something the user stats won't update at all.
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    XF 2.0 Login/logout from another script?

    I've been able to load XenForo framework from an external script (same website) by doing this: require(XF_ROOT . '/src/XF.php'); XF::start(XF_ROOT); $XF = XF::setupApp('XF\Pub\App'); $XF->start(); if(XF::visitor()->user_id) { // Logged user stuff... } For login, I'm doing this: $ip =...
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    XF 2.0 External PHP Authentication to Xenforo

    How you manage to store the login? I ask because the validator only tells you if the credentials are OK but it doesn't set the cookie or anything else.
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    Reject All - Users awaiting approval

    You can add that javascript code as a bookmarklet, simply create a new bookmark entry with this as the target URL. javascript:<code goes here> So to reject all: javascript:$("input[value=reject]").click();$(":checkbox").prop("checked"...