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    [Andrew] Moderator Panel

    Open the report and resolve/respond to the issue. That's what works for me.
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    Not a bug VBulletin migration same usernames

    maybe rename one and merge them?
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    XenForo Cloud discussion

    and no plug ins, as of the moment. That wouldn't work for me, but I can see the appeal for many! Besides, the "joneses" down the street have a similar offering - so it makes sense.
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    GDPR discussion thread

    My interpretation is no, because they would have to file suit in your location where the law is not valid. But, this same type of heavy regulation is creeping into USA as well. (I think California was the first) (as well as a way for people to request a takedown of their account data, or...
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    GDPR discussion thread

    I would think so, if it can be proven that the operator/owner is based in a place where the courts and laws are. But I am not a lawyer.
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    XF 2.2 Version v2.2.5 Buffering

    The speed of the site in your tagline seems quite quick and normal to me. Are you having the same issue when visiting from your mobile phone, or a different computer outside of that location? It could be something on the pc itself, like a slow anti virus program.
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    Paid advertising (banner ad) manager recommendations?

    Hands down, Siropu Ads Manager. It gives them a fully self service banner system, takes payment, lets them monitor statistics and change their ad, sends email reminder when it expires, let's them set computer or geographic restrictions, etc. It can do discounts for longer terms, or even coupon...
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    XF 2.2 Testing w/PHP8: White Screen/Error

    oh Ill check that the next time I put it in php 8. I dont want to do it at this hour, while so many people are on. Thanks Mike
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    XF 2.2 Testing w/PHP8: White Screen/Error

    I have a couple different XF forums, on the latest production version. They're on Litespeed servers with cpanel, and I used MultiPHP Manager to swap the php version. I figured I would give PHP 8 a bit of a test run, to see if it works for me. I did this with current plugins enabled, as well...
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    LiteSpeed Cache for XF2 - Community

    It's working fine for me on 2.2.5
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    Account upgrades?

    In the admin control panel.... users -> user upgrades
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    Why are you running an EOL version of PHP?

    7.4.16 is stable. 8 seems quirky for many add-ons. When the add-on developers say they're ready for 8, we will switch it over our forums
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    Addon for Self Delete

    Hopefully that eventually becomes a standard feature, as the laws in countries change for this to be a required offering.
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    Force image resize

    That would be fantastic. Folks have smartphones now with 4k pictures that are huge. Downsizing them to a reasonable size, instead of just refusing them, would be an amazing feature that would also reduce server space.
  15. Rhody loads very slow

    None here. Antivirus program maybe?