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    Cannot reproduce PWA loading issues

    Yes, im still experiencing this, only happends installing the PWA, not in browser mode.
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    Cannot reproduce PWA loading issues

    When pressing back button after entering in a thread, i see a infinite loading spinner on top, it happends with some diferents actions too. Steps to reproduce: 1. Install PWA xenforo 2. Press refresh 3. Enter in any thread 4. Press back Tested in Android, Windows and Linux under Chrome.
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    Contact Us Spam

    Try with Hcaptcha if you are using google recaptcha, it works better for me to control contact us spam.
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    s9e Media Sites

    Check you browser extensions, some guy of my forum was having same problem and was duckduckgo.
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    Fixed [E_WARNING] Attempt to read property "result_count" on null

    After upgrading to 2.2.10 i'm having this recurring error: PHP 8.1.8, was fine in 2.2.9
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    XF 2.2 Spam user Accounts

    hCaptcha works better than reCAPTCHA to stop spam in my sites, i recomend this addon too:
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    XF 2 Make the profile of banned members visible to members

    You can use this addon:
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    Fixed PHP 8.1 Compatibility

    Im in 8.1 too and no errors with 35 addons or so :)
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    Fixed Image controls not visible on mobile

    This works again in live
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    Fixed Multiquote bug 2.2.7

    After upgrading to xenforo 2.2.7 i can't use the button "insert quotes" from editor. Same happends in a clean upgrade. @Chris D
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    Fixed Polls responsive

    If a poll option is large it breaks responsivenes.
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    Duplicate Editor insert image

    In mobile if i paste an url in the insert image button: And then press the blue insert button, it misclick reply button too. It happends in 2.2.6, 2.2.7 and so.
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    Is there a way to block a user from posting in a specific thread?

    You can use this addon:
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    XF 2.2 issue after update a addon SV-StandardLib-1.7.1 Patch 1

    Are you tried that?
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    Fixed Rich text editor bugs in iOS

    Froala 4 is out, maybe they fixed some bugs.