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    TaigaChat Pro - Realtime chat/shoutbox [Paid]

    Wow, I really do love this Add-on! Thanks Luke! I, and my community have been enjoying this product - but one thingI would love (if possible) is to be able to Sticky a chat. Like a contest announcement, or an important update from admin.. possible?
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    Specialist Import Services (XF1 & XF2) - vBulletin, Big Boards, Custom Imports

    It was because of this thread that I approached Slavik with my import woes of going from VB to Xen. I am no tech genius, and always hated upgrading or importing anything in VB, let alone a new software I hadn't learned yet. 300,000 posts, 25,000 members at my forums. A quick email, and Slavik...