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    XF 1.5 Show attachment / image / picture in quoted text quotes

    Hmmm... that would explain why I'm not finding the option, but I swear once upon a time I saw it as an option / feature.
  2. ProCom

    XF 1.5 Show attachment / image / picture in quoted text quotes

    (did I get all the keywords right in the subject line?) ;) I'm like 95.82% sure this is an option... but I can't find it! :( Isn't there a toggle / option in the ACP to turn on/off showing images / pictures in quoted text? Thanks!
  3. ProCom

    XF 1.5 Smilie Category - Smilies Load In Tabs ?

    Thanks @Bill Stuntz ! So, it sounds like the additional tabs / images are only loaded once the tab is clicked. That would definitely be the best way to implement it!
  4. ProCom

    XF 1.5 Smilie Category - Smilies Load In Tabs ?

    I've never used the "Smilie Category" option in XF, but my community is begging for a ton of new smilies. I hate doing anything that will increase page load times, so a few questions about smiley tabs: I believe my smilies currently only load (images downloaded to the device) when the smiley...
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    Holiday Joy

    I lied... one more question: I didn't see where to customize the holly icon / image (or turn it off completely)?: Since I'm getting duplicates from hidden advertising sections, it might be good for me to turn it off completely: ... nevermind, it's turning off the "Enable Sidebar Snow":
  6. ProCom

    Holiday Joy

    @Russ , why didn't you tell me about this before!?!?! I love it (and my members will too!) BRILLIANT, thanks for this!!! My only other question: Is there a way to customize the quantity of snowflakes?
  7. ProCom

    [ForumApps] Native Mobile Apps for XenForo [Paid]

    I was very confused by the email as well. I contacted ThemeHouse and they said, "we are merely support the application." Surprised there wasn't an announcement / more details posted here at the same time as TH sent out a mass email. I'd love to use an app like this, but I also must have...
  8. ProCom

    XF 1.5 Add Link / Hyperlink to User Group Banners

    Is it possible to add a link to the text of a user group banner? We have some user groups that aren't self-explanatory and we'd like to have the text of the group name within the banner link to a page or post with more information about the group. Thanks!
  9. ProCom

    MG 1.1 XFMG Videos - Size, Compresion, Etc.

    Thanks @Chris D ! The issue is that these days it's super easy for a video from a cell phone to quickly get into the 500+ mb size for a 3 minute video. I guess I'll wait until I upgrade to 2.0 before I allow video uploads to force-transcode (compress) all videos.
  10. ProCom

    MG 1.1 XFMG Videos - Size, Compresion, Etc.

    Hey All! I've got XF Media Gallery installed and our members love it. They are requesting we support video uploads, but I'm not sure that's a good idea. Storing unlimited images is one thing, but videos is another beast entirely. A few questions for those of you who have experience with XFMG...
  11. ProCom

    DMCA Agent Lawyer & Service - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

    I'll be honest, I really don't like lawyers. I also hate that I have to go through so many hoops to be covered with DMCA for my communities / forums. I also despise legal paperwork and processes. So, after some digging, I found a WONDERFUL solution to all my problems! I've been using...
  12. ProCom

    Differentiating Members and Guests in Google Analytics

    This resource says "Compatible XF 1.x versions 1.0, 1.1, 1.2" ... has anybody tried this for more recent versions? I'd really like to find a way to segment member vs guest data in Google Analytics. Thanks!
  13. ProCom

    Track Usergroups in Google Analytics

    Wow, it's been a year since this was last replied to... time goes by so quickly! Is this still a viable way to track usergroups in Google Analytics? @DBA & @AzzidReign
  14. ProCom

    XF 1.5 Spam Cleanup Help - Mass Delete / Remove Spammers & Threads / Posts

    Brilliant, thanks Mike! Yes, they were soft deleted, so I used the batch thread tool to search for all threads that were deleted with zero posts (32,053 of them) and that cleaned up the vast majority of the spam. I'm sure there are a ton of posts that are within threads that are soft deleted...
  15. ProCom

    Thread Starter

    In XenForo 1.5.14 I'm getting the error: Callback ThreadStarter_Listener_Listener::templateCreate is invalid (Invalid Class).