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    Have very large forum - Thinking of jumping to XF over VB5 - Have questions

    Dennis, Wanted to just add that I'm following this closely as well. I am researching moving a large vB3.x site to either vB5 or XF. It looks like my metrics are a bit larger than yours, but you're asking fantastic questions. The other alternative we've been considering is moving to Drupal. Paul
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    Potential Migration of very large vB3.x forum & blogs to XF vs. vB5

    Greetings! I've been away from the vBulletin community for some years and upon returning to see if vB4/5 had yet matured into a stable product capable of running a very large (5MM post, 3000 concurrent user) site, I've found feedback that suggests that vB5 may not be the way to go. Are there...