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    [OzzModz] Advanced Forms [Paid]

    @Sanmu probably "poll" thread type is not available for the selected forum on thread report.
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    [OzzModz] Find Reactions [Paid]

    @ekool The link to reaction search page is available from member page
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    [OzzModz] Frequently Asked Questions [Paid]

    @TFW it is used for icon styling
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    [OzzModz] Frequently Asked Questions [Paid]

    @TFW yes, it is possible to add criteria to view question/category. I will add it soon.
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    [OzzModz] User Reputation [Paid]

    There is already "Upload and update attachments" permission Which version you are using? This issue was fixed in 2.0.1 (should be)
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    [OzzModz] Badges

    @interforo, try this:
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    [OzzModz] Login By Country Log

    @woody This add-on uses MaxMind's GeoLite2 Geolocation library Probably your database is outdated Try to download new version from your Maxmind cabinet (edition: GeoLite2-Country) and manually replace the \internal_data\ozzmodz\countrylogin contents on your forum
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    [OzzModz] Auto Deleted Content [Paid]

    Yes. I will try this. But this may lead to incompatibility with XF updates and other add-ons.
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    [OzzModz] Advanced Forms [Paid]

    It works fine for me. Make sure that you have configured the correct form. There is an option to change flood check time limit. Does it work for you?
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    [OzzModz] Auto Deleted Content [Paid]

    @MacSeah unfortunately, in the current XF version it's impossible to extend the XF:UserMessage job, that used to message users from ACP. I can only override it.
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    [OzzModz] Top Reacted Posts

    @Max Fridman this must be done in a separate add-on. This one is not intended to stick the posts and does not affect to the display of the first post that pinned in question/suggestion threads.
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    [OzzModz] Hide Reaction List [Paid]

    @Imgbi this add-on already does it
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    [OzzModz] Badges

    Unfortunately I cannot reproduce this in my local environment. Can someone send me the dump of import log table? (import_log_versobitbadges_*)
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    [OzzModz] Badges

    @BassMan, There shouldn't be any duplicates for awarded badges since the VersoBit's add-on this columns is also unique. Have you run this importer before?
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    [OzzModz] Post As User [Paid]

    @Robert9 please clarify what you need? This add-on is not designed to delete conversation messages or change it s author.