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    XF 2.2 Registration Captcha

    Honestly, you can make a new gmail account in seconds. " I do not have a spare email address" isn't valid. You should test the registration experience yourself.
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    HOW to start a forum? What's the ultimate "checklist" before you activate your Xenforo forum?

    For Xenforo specific addons - here's what I have. Only Xenforo Enhanced Search is paid. [Andrew] Moderator Panel Just added - seems a nice central page for moderators [Mr. Jinx] Forum index tweak Remove avatar and threads/messages stats column from the forum list [OzzModz] Gif Avatar...
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    HOW to start a forum? What's the ultimate "checklist" before you activate your Xenforo forum?

    1) Decide the unique selling point (USP), of your forum. 2) Have some content to post that is unique to your forum and the USP. Without some unique content, why should people bother signing up to your forum? Other things - 1) post clear rules 2) moderate consistently 3) ensure your site is...
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    Importing from SMF 2.1

    I was on SMF 2.0 tired of waiting for a stable 2.1 having used SMF since Dec 2005. I found a fair few snags in my SMF 2.0 > Xenforo upgrade and nearly gave up, but honestly, it was the best thing I could have done, and the community and devs were very helpful getting through it. I even made some...
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    XF 2.1 How to code pages with the Xenforo code

    You can install styles that other people have designed, and you can customise whichever theme you use as a starting point. You can add custom CSS to alter the appearance you your liking. You can write your own complete style if you are so inclined, though that's quite complicated. There are...
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    Browser issue Images break page display

    My forum, most users leave images attached as opposed to inline, partly for historic reasons (SMF didn't make it easy to insert them) but also because that way its easy to tell that the images are actually attached and not hotlinked from a 3rd party image host. I have a few of these type of...
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    Nested quotes

    It works in 2.2, but in the visual editor, if you quote a post with nested quotes, you can't easily delete some of the nested quotes. My users are deleting the text of the quote, but leaving the quote tags, which means people get notified about being quoted in posts they didn't actually post in...
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    What's the step by step process after you download xenforro?

    If you are on Digital Ocean, you really need to understand Linux and basic concepts like web server (apache/nginx), php as it's a self-managed service. Technically you need PHP, a database (e.g. mysql) and a web server installed before you can move to installing Xenforo. I would recommend you...
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    XF 2.2 PWA is it on?

    It is working on your forum. Click the + icon in Chrome - it says "install".
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    improve handling of upgrades and updates, PLEASE

    The system is adequate at present EXCEPT for the lack of visual differentiation between major and minor version upgrade. The normal warnings are adequate for minor upgrades. for major version upgrades the wording should be different. The upgrade process is usually pretty smooth, so I don't...
  11. Overscan - aviation/military/aerospace community

    Update - now on Xenforo 2.2 with Dark Mode option via Shades of Grey style (lightly edited). Forum is 15 years old at the end of December! .
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    XF 2.2 Block animated GIF avatars

    Great! Installing now :)
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    XF 2.2 Block animated GIF avatars

    I HATE animated GIF avatars. One of my beta users did this on my 2.2 Test forum. Its like the 2020 version of the blink tag. Short of disabling GIFs as attachments, is it possible to stop just animated GIFs being used as avatars?
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    XF 2.2 Possible to display attachment limits to user in reply?

    My forum has a limit of 15 attachments per page, 8Mb attachments in total. It might be useful for people to know this when making a post or reply. On SMF forum, the "upload" function told you how many more attachments you could add. Missing this in Xenforo.
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    XF 2.2 Attachment thumbnails now square random crop... changeable?

    Thanks Andy - that's a valid workaround. I prefer the images as thumbnails after the message rather than in the body. It makes sense in the context of my forum. I appreciate this may not be a big use case.