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    Not a bug Chrome cache doesn't change after xenforo renews SSL certificate?

    I work in IT and have renewed dozens of certs in the last year. I amended the existing process to not use a Chrome check on the new cert because it wasn't reliable - I use a script using openssl instead. Chrome is not re-downloading the content. As far as I can tell is simply showing you the...
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    Not a bug Chrome cache doesn't change after xenforo renews SSL certificate? Chrome absolutely does cache certificates and even has a specific option to clear it. I've run into this when renewing certificates.
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    XF 2.2 Do I get the latest update for $55?

    If you value your forum you should always be in support, not cherry picking the right moment to get a specific upgrade. At literally any time there could be a major security breach and your data will be at risk if you don't have a valid license to obtain the upgrade.
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    Spam is Killing my Site

    Best first defence is stopforumspam. Second line of defence, as some spammers will still get though, is not letting new members make posts or send private messages. On my forum your first post must be approved before you can post without approval or send private messages. I've had one spammer...
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    Would you use a Cloud server or webhosting for XenForo?

    I also work in IT. I run 3 servers on VPS, 2 forums, 1 e-commerce. They are automatically updated with Ansible playbooks (friend's forum, my forum, wife's business in that order). Once the builds are done (a few hours work, templated) maintenance is extremely trouble free. I use latest Ubuntu...
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    List of Xenforo forums

    Its an odd request because why worry about only duplicates using Xenforo? Its not like only one Xenforo forum is allowed per topic.
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    Xenforo 2.2.8 response time of the forum is slow

    I'm using 2.2.8 on a VPS with a fraction of the resources you have and no issues, its very fast with PHP 7.4.3. Do you have any add-ons? Long TTFB normally means the code is taking an abnormally long time to execute. Caching can help by caching the results but it's masking a problem. TTFB...
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    Nulled to License

    Use the migration approach; this will pull in posts, attachments etc without bringing in any of the potentially dodgy code.
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    XF 2.2 Unmerge user possible ?

    That's a restore from backup scenario.
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    Xenforo Enhanced Search 1.1.4 - Error Message

    Are you using XF 1.5? 1.1.4 is from 2016... Enhanced Search 1.1.8 was the last version for XF 1.5 I believe so I'd give that a try.... from the notes: So that's an obvious starting point. If you don't have 1.1.8 then you might maybe consider upgrading to a supported version of Xenforo?
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    Is this it? What am I missing?

    Yes Xon's Search Improvements is very useful to tweak the search settings. I found I was getting much more useful searches with my forum dataset with the Enhanced Search.
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    How To Install Elasticsearch 7.x for Xenforo on CentOS

    yes that is correct. Just making sure you weren't 'losing' Elasticsearch by rebooting. systemctl enable elasticsearch.service This command enables a pre-created (installed by the rpm install) systemd 'service' which runs Elasticsearch automatically at boot. The parameters for this are...
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    How To Install Elasticsearch 7.x for Xenforo on CentOS

    A further thought - did you set Elasticsearch to run on startup? Otherwise if you reboot it won't start up automatically.
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    How To Install Elasticsearch 7.x for Xenforo on CentOS

    Creating the /etc/yum.repos.d/elasticsearch.repo file is intended to give yum, the standard package manager for rpm based Linux, the ability to download and install elasticsearch rpms for you. The standard Centos repositories don't contain Elastic packages for various reasons. This file has no...