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  1. oman

    Hi Zed, here is a link to my available services and pricing...

    Hi Zed, here is a link to my available services and pricing: https://xenforo.com/community/threads/omans-xenforo-installation-upgrade-services.45948/. If you are interested in using my services, please feel free to start a conversation with me. :) -...
  2. oman

    Style need xenforo theme designer

    Would definitely recommend @Russ and the team at Pixel Exit! :) They do great work on styles (both premade and custom).
  3. oman

    Sportsbook & Betting Exchange [Paid]

    This thread should help answer your question - https://xenaddons.com/threads/xenforo-2-0-information.2517/ :)
  4. oman

    New Forum set up

    Hi, I offer XenForo installation services: https://xenforo.com/community/threads/omans-xenforo-installation-upgrade-services.45948/ Feel free to private message me if you would like to use my services. Regards, oman
  5. oman

    vBulletin 3.8.2 to XF

    Hi, There are various third party providers who list import services here: https://xenforo.com/community/forums/third-party-services-offers.42/ oman
  6. oman

    UI.X [Paid]

    Hi Mike, Sometimes I'm asked to install your products for my clients. Generally I have found the add on to be quite problematic in installing and updating styles. Sometimes, it requests that permissions be adjusted (fair enough), but then when these permissions are adjusted it still says the...
  7. oman

    Style [Paid] Need some styling done to my Account Upgrades page

    You could try contacting @Russ and @Steve from Pixel Exit, and see if they are able to give you a hand with this styling. :)
  8. oman

    MG 1.1 Does XFMG have a category list?

    Not that I'm aware of (maybe I haven't uncovered it yet), but there may be some sort of way to manipulate the contents of the sidebar block with the categories to enable them to be shown in a similar way. :)
  9. oman

    Looking for some expert paid help to theme my forum

    Definitely would recommend @Russ from PixelExit to assist you with this. He has produced some excellent styles. :D
  10. oman

    XF 1.5 upgrading style help please?

    Hi ozm8ey, Are you currently using the XenForo default style, or do you have a third party style?
  11. oman

    Pixelexit or themehouse

    Agreed. Can't forget that @Arty also has quality styles available too. :D
  12. oman

    Pixelexit or themehouse

    Definitely would recommend @Russ and @Steve F from Pixel Exit. Outstanding support from them, great styles and they are definitely great to work with.
  13. oman

    Elastic Search For Everyone - Even Free For Small Forums

    Thanks for this info @Anthony Parsons :)
  14. oman

    XF 1.5 Permission Copy

    In addition what everyone has mentioned above, an add on is available to do what you are requesting should you decide to make use of it: https://xenforo.com/community/resources/icewind-clone-user-group.2887/ by @Lawrence
  15. oman

    Create Thread On Ban

    Brings back memories from the days of vBulletin with the infractions add on that created the thread upon banning someone. :D