My name is Rob Iannicca, and I'm the theme designer at I've been into web & graphic design since 2004, after getting into site building during the early days of phpNuke and NukeEVO. Over the years, I designed in everything from phpBB3, SimpleMachines, Wordpress, to my ex-love CMS, vBulletin :oops:

During the peak years of Flash, my greatest design passion developed in building atmospheric full Flash websites, with some examples at:

I also specialized in building vBulletin gaming sites with often extremely complex and Flash integrated themes. vBulletin together with Flash was my passion for years, along with trying to come up with the most creative designs possible.

Many of these can be seen at:

I've now made Xenforo my new development home for theme production. I also work in building small business Wordpress & ecommerce websites, managing SEO campaigns, and online marketing.
Favorite XenForo feature
Style Properties, Conditionals
Other forum software used
  1. Invision Power Board
  2. phpBB
  3. SMF
  4. vBulletin 3.x
  5. vBulletin 4.x


Theme Developer | | Xenforo Themes & Addons
If you're looking for a development license for one of my products, please PM me.


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