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    XenPorta Newsfeed

    Hello, I am working on a new setup for my site. I currently have XenPorta displaying news. I would like it too look something like this, Instead of what I currently have, See how the bottom example has the image on the post displayed in the top right corner, with the scale decreased? I...
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    XF 1.3 Help Making Forum Header Section

    Hi, I would like to add a "Header HTML Body" at the top of a specific Forum. Example: I would like to add just what this site has, the section where the "Player Complaints" is. If I could be told how to do this, that would be great! Thanks!
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    XF 1.3 Website Error: "The requested page could not be found."

    Yes, I am using GoDaddy's Windows 'Ultimate Dedicated Web Host'.
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    XF 1.3 Website Error: "The requested page could not be found."

    Okay, Thank you. Yeah, When I actually decide to reach out for help with this error; it ends up stopping haha
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    XF 1.3 Website Error: "The requested page could not be found."

    Hi, I am experiencing an error that occurs around every 5 minutes on my site. About every 5 minutes; All pages on my site display an error "The requested page could not be found." Then after a minute or two, the site goes back to the way it should; as if the error never happened. Error...
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    Style UI.X / XenPorta Problem?

    Hi, I am having a problem with UI.X and XenPorta where my Forums page displays the Nodes like this, And for XenPorta.... My website is I would like the nodes to display as they do on the site, Though I can't seem to find an option in the ACP to fix the...
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    XF 1.3 XenPorta RecentNews Problem

    Hi, I am having this problem where my RecentNews block ends up looking like this on my website... My website: When I would like it to cover the whole available area of the portal like this... Where do I change this in the ACP? Any help would be appreciated, Thanks! :)