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    Mollie Integration [Paid]

    Stripe has iDEAL support which might work for you?
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    MineSync, for XF2 [Paid]

    Hi - can you open a ticket at please?
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    Coinbase Commerce Integration [Paid]

    I'm not saying you didn't requested the email be changed. You did indeed request it be changed, but we can't action that request because you're not authenticated on the account, you don't know the password, you don't have access to the email address, and did not answer any of the security...
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    BitPay Integration [Paid]

    Not at this time. Last I looked into it the APIs weren't actually compatible. But it's a work in progress. Bit busy ATM but hoping to get around to looking into it again soon.
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    MineSync, for XF2 [Paid]

    Hi. No update on your specific issue yet; apologies for the delay. ncms_newlink should be empty if all is working. As mentioned: Basically, once the server processes a newlink, it will delete the corresponding entry in the newlink table. In your case, the table is empty so (unless you're doing...
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    Forum Rules [Paid]

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    Forum Rules [Paid]

    nanocode updated Forum Rules with a new update entry: 1.3.0 update Read the rest of this update entry...
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    Forum Rules - 1.3.0 update

    1.3.0 includes feature updates: Support forcing rule acceptance for unregistered users, using cookies
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    Forum Rules [Paid]

    This should be fixed in v1.2.0. Whilst investigating this, I did notice the handling for unregistered users is a bit flimsy (the idea for the original version was designed with forums that can't be viewed by unregistered users in mind. I'll see if that can be improved in a later version, too.
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    Forum Rules - v1.2.0 update

    Forum Rules v1.2 includes feature updates: Support for forcing acceptance of rules when viewing threads within that forum. Users who have not yet accepted the rules will be redirected to accept them before continuing
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    Forum Rules [Paid]

    nanocode updated Forum Rules with a new update entry: v1.2.0 update Read the rest of this update entry...
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    Forum Rules [Paid]

    Thanks for reporting! Will look into this.
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    PayU payment gateway integraton - XF2.1

    We've made a few payment processor integrations. Feel free to send a message if interested.
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    MineSync, for XF2 - 3.3.1 (S2.2) update - bug fix

    Bug fix: Disable manual composer listener
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    MineSync, for XF2 [Paid]

    nanocode updated MineSync, for XF2 with a new update entry: 3.3.1 (S2.2) update - bug fix Read the rest of this update entry...