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    [XTR] Modal Popups [Paid]

    I don't suppose there's an English language version of the payment site? I can't work out how to buy it!
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    XF 2.2 Poll -- show total number of responses

    I'm looking at the template poll_macros and I can see where the number of total voters in a poll is shown using {$poll.voter_count|number}. What I'd like to be able to display is the total number of individual responses in a poll which allows multiple choices. For example: --- OptionA Votes...
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    [cv6] Dice Roller

    Just a note 6 months later, still can't view the video. If you could use a less restricted format, that would be great. Maybe whack it up on YouTube so everybody can see it? Takes a minute or so.
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    XF 2 Warning/Ignore report

    Yep, this job was completed by CypherForums. Thanks for the interest folks!
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    XF 2 Warning/Ignore report

    To clarify after a few questions I got — by “number of people ignoring them” I mean the number of people who have put that user on ignore. It’s a handy way for us to see who we need to keep an eye on — if dozens of people are ignoring somebody, there’s probably a reason.
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    XF 2 Warning/Ignore report

    A quick easy one! We need to view a page which shows a report which displays Xenforo users in order of number of warnings, and number of people ignoring them, with the ability to sort by both of those columns. Permission by usergroup set for who can view the list. Username Warning Points...
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    XF 2.2 Warning points query

    Hey folks! I need to run a specific MySQL query -- I want to switch all 'expired' warning points to being current. We don't use an expiry policy on warning points, but some legacy points from previous iterations of the forums are shown as expired. I'd like everybody to show their current...
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    Old thread deny reply [Paid]

    It feels a bit like the forum is saying "P*** off!" to somebody who has just discovered the thread via Google. A better implementation might be to offer to let the user start a new thread.
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    Crowd Moderation [Paid]

    This is a tool for a bad actor with a following to silence people. I'd think carefully before using something like this. We all know how brigading works.
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    AMPXF - AMP for Xenforo 2 [Paid]

    Hmm. Those graphs are pretty different to the earlier ones.
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    AMPXF - AMP for Xenforo 2 [Paid]

    Thanks for the info! I'm tempted!
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    AMPXF - AMP for Xenforo 2 [Paid]

    Yeah, that makes sense. So if I understand this right it basically replicates Xenforo threads with a new template? I assume that means that any add-on installed which affects thread templates won't work on mobile devices unless they're specifically supported?
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    AMPXF - AMP for Xenforo 2 [Paid]

    Hmmm. Interesting! I have a biggish site (30K+ visitors per day), so I'm in the £250 bracket. I use XenPorta as my front page, which is the most viewed page on the site. How would this interact with that (if at all)?
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    [cv6] Dice Roller

    Video isn't working for me either.
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    Change Content Owner or Date

    I was asking about this one. That said, having updated the mod again I think it may be fixed? I'm not sure because 24 hours later it's still doing this (I left it on Rebuilding Attachments when I went to bed last night, this morning it's still working its way through something): When it...