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    Missing options: Automatically Generate Image Titles

    We are very happy with the automatic creation of titles, however we would prefer not to have .jpg suffix in the title. Could there be an option to exclude the suffix from the auto generated title please?
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    Is the Media Gallery add-on redundant?

    I totally agree regarding videos. We encourage embedding YouTube hosted videos. However, I disagree regarding the Media Gallery vs Forum. We are using both in our old car forum, to great effect. Media Gallery provides a superb structured place to hold images. The Forum provides a structured...
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    Is the Media Gallery add-on redundant?

    MG has become a highly valued element of our car club's private forum. It now hosts over 10,000 images and more are being added daily as members upload their own collections. I am worried that suggestions for MG improvements seem to get little attention.
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    category list in MG admin should be nested

    we have over 1000 categories in our media gallery, organised in a logical structure of main and subcategories. It would help enormously if the list could be displayed nested in both the admin panel and also in the search menu.
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    Adjust Filmstrip Size and/or Number of Media

    this seems to be sorted in 2.1, certainly one can specify the number if images in the film strip
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    multi album and category?

    currently we need to upload image twice if we want it to appear in two categories
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    Allow Embedding image urls from web.

    I think this is already implemented in 2.1?
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    Making film strip scroll horizontally

    surely this has already been implemented in 2.1?
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    mg 2.2 Tag multiple photos

    I would like to tag multiple photos with a specific tag, for example in the in-line moderation tool? Ideal would be to be able to select the photos I want to tag, and then tag all of them with a tag I specify. Many thanks, Mike
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    Change Content Owner or Date

    is there any plan to develop such an add-on, it would be very useful.
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    MG 2.2 How can I tag multiple photos?

    sadly I see this doesn't seem to be included in 2.2
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    XF 2.2 huge categories list select category by search / search category

    Hi, thanks for your reply. Would your add-on apply to the Media Search dropdown menu?
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    XF 2.2 huge categories list select category by search / search category

    I have the same problem. Our forum's photo gallery has about 1000 categories. When attempting a media search one is confronted with a huge long list of categories. Actually they are structured in a nested logical tree structure, but the search box shows all levels. The enclosed screen grab...
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    MG 2.1 Album Artwork not being shown

    many thanks. If its not available, can I add it?
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    MG 2.1 Album Artwork not being shown

    I have added Album Artwork to an MP3 file and uploaded to our MG 2.1.7 Photo gallery, but it does not show the Artwork. However, the same file uploaded to your test gallery on this forum shows the artwork very nicely...