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    MikeMpls replied to the thread [SolidMean] ForumBackup.
    I am trying to install this on an XF 1.3.1 forum, get this error during the installation: Fatal error: Can't use method return value...
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    MikeMpls reviewed the resource Carbon.
    5.00 star(s) I had planned to update several of my sites to Artodia's gray/red Graphite style but they are not updating any of their styles to XF2...
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    MikeMpls replied to the thread Carbon [Paid].
    Is the license per site or per purchaser (i.e. multiple sites allowed)? I was expecting to be asked for the site URL as part of the...
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    MikeMpls replied to the thread Black Responsive [Paid].
    Will this be updated for Xenforo 2.x? When? Graphite gray/red would also work for me, but neither seems to be available for 2.x.