I'm a Finnish web developer by profession and a forum administrator and hobbyist programmer in my spare time. I also like localization of stuff, with my merits including phpBB2, MyBB, XenForo, Civilization V, Transport Tycoon Deluxe and The Settlers II. As a developer I have a strong hobbyist programming experience of roughly 20 years before I landed a job. I had some difficult time in my life in my 20's. But that is past now. Things are looking great and going better each day.

I'm a fan of J. R. R. Tolkien and as such the community I established and nurture is quite a hobbit one. As such I've had a Finnish Tolkien forum running since September 2001, first hosted on RapidForum, then phpBB2 from June 2003 to February 2011, then MyBB until December 2014. Now finding myself quite happy of choosing XenForo as my first pay forum.
Nov 11, 1983 (Age: 36)
Helsinki, Finland
Web Developer
Other forum software used
MyBB, phpBB


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