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    XenForo Cloud discussion

    Right, which completely kills it for me for my current site. For the one I was working up a proposal for, though, possibly not since it was one I could have monetized.
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    XenForo Cloud discussion

    New announcement and now with add-on support. I had to bypass this when I was writing a proposal for a possible new site due to the lack of add-on support so this certainly opens a lot of doors for the product. Still no import support so new forums only. $300/yr. is higher than what I pay now...
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    XF 2.2 Require guests to join forum?

    Given they wants to hide it from all guests, could be a private site of some kind in which case this is a feature, not a bug
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    The next major XenForo upgrade

    Isn't this where something like @Bob's Article Management System comes in? Adds to the base for those who need more? I looked at it when I was bidding to take over a writing site I am on and it seemed perfect for handling a content-driven site like that while coexisting nicely with XF for the...
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    XF 2.2 How to make it so i can view bots on the website

    I am pretty sure it is. I always had the robots there as far back as I can remember, just that it only identified common ones like Google and Bing. Others showed as Guest until I installed Known Bots (highly recommended add-in).
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    Anyone running Windows 11 yet?

    And, personally, once I retire (possibly within 4 years), I am probably done with Windows. Put together a nice basic box, then put one of smaller footprint Linux distros on it. My main post-retirement activity will be my writing and I do not need Word for that. Google Docs or one of the open...
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    Anyone running Windows 11 yet?

    cough video editing cough And I have literally had to upgrade RAM in machines because of how Excel handles links between workbooks. My boss and the other accountants kept crashing because their interlinked books in Excel were chewing up all their memory (might be fixed now in Excel 365, this...
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    "Skip this version"

    I don't find just leaving an upgrade notice in the ACP until I am ready to do it to be a problem. I always upgrade and test in my dev first so it inevitably happens that the upgrade notice sits for a few days in prod. That said, I'm pretty much "flying solo" as the admin and don't have to worry...
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    Anyone running Windows 11 yet?

    I was referring to Windows and the inconsistency in the specs. :D
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    Anyone running Windows 11 yet?

    Must be a Microsoft product, then. Getting stuff like this straight seems to be an ongoing, uphill battle for that company. Which is good news because my wife's computer ain't getting 11 I don't think and she is not in a hurry for a new one. Now that's she is retired, she isn't using it for...
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    Anyone running Windows 11 yet?

    Good to hear. Have not had a look yet and will likely wait until my team at work are ready to try it out so I have some "experts" to consult (I am head of the IT department). :D
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    Completely disappointed with @CypherForums, don't give these guys any projects!

    Depending on the scale of the project, milestone payments might be appropriate, but even then there should always be a holdback not paid until satisfactory completion of UAT.
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    Windows 11 to run android natively - implications ? opportunities ?

    Just keep in mind that MS has already announced it won't be in the first release, which means it could be a year or two away or even be vapourware. That said, I can't see an Android app being a good thing to run on a Windows desktop so I imagine this is geared more to things like the Surface...
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    StopForumSpam database: useful or bothersome?

    I keep the numbers fairly tight. Basically, if they get 1 hit, they go to approval, 2 or more and they are automatically kicked. To be honest, I have not had anyone hit the queue in a while, save a banned user trying to return (and that's caught by a different setting).
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    Forums are alive

    And I thought I had it rough having to drive the three hours to Peterborough, Ontario on short notice once. 😀 But a private jet? Now that's tech support in action.