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    [tl] Social Groups [Paid]

    In reality I have asked this because is a good and useful feature the plugin can have, that seeing that groups use the own forum nodes, was useful to use the contents generated from some group, also in the relative node of the forum with that specific argument. That in reality was also the...
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    [tl] Social Groups [Paid]

    Hi Trounglv, I have searched but I didn't found this function. Would be useful the possibility to use the same threads created in some group to be posted also in the relative section of the forum. For example if I have a forum about the cars and a group named "70s Cars" will be really useful...
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    Custom 404 Page by Siropu

    Great Chromaniac many thanks, it works in this way. :)
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    Custom 404 Page by Siropu

    Hi Siropu I have noted that the search box inside the list of the links not found seems to be not working. Infact searching a piece of link that I read in the list, to see how many links about that section there are, the list is always shown empty. For example if I searc: "www.mysite/media/"...
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    Cookie purposes

    If also you need that the GDPR Cookie banner functions are implemented to be compliant with european law, you can vote to this thread: because for now our sites in Europe aren't still compliant to our laws.
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    [OzzModz] Remove Reactions From What's New Page

    Hi Ozzy. :) I hope to found you well. Nice addon, many thanks to share it, I like. The only thing it seems that now that are shown only the posts in the list, I'm seeing that the list is shorter, now there are only 23 entry shown, so the the page with the list of the posts is really short. Is...
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    XF 2.1 Remove tabs from What's New Page

    Many thanks @ENF , it is really useful. In reality I thought it was more simple to manage that part of the forum. I have tried as you said, but disabling whats_new_wrapper (under XenForo Media Gallery) it disable also "New Media" tab. Is there a way to disable only the "New Media Comment" tab...
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    RM 2.1 CSS - Button colors

    Hi ChrisTriS, I know that I'm in late but maybe it can be helpful also for the other users. You need to go in the Apparence - Styles Properties - Buttons (or Basic colours)
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    Random List of the Resources

    I was thinking that can be really useful in various situations to select, also for a particular section of the plugin (to be used in different way), the random listing of the resources present. This can be nice to show different contents each time someone load the page to let seems the section...
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    [OzzModz] Force Users To Read Threads

    I have found the problem. It seems that the function "Create Thread" doesn't works if in the node where is enabled the plugin to show the notice, is present the same thread that must be read. So to let work this function now, is necessary to move the thread that must be read, in another section...
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    [OzzModz] Force Users To Read Threads

    Upside post Edited to expalin better the issue.
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    [OzzModz] Force Users To Read Threads

    Also would be useful an option to decide in how many time the notification must work. For example if they add a notification to read the Rules of the resources section before posting, after 2 or 3 or 4 days is not useful that a users read again that thread, but for example can be good to ask...
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    Reports - Answers notification as Subscribe to a thread function

    Also to give the possibility to others usergroups as "Supporters" (internal the staff) to access/interact there, would be really useful.
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    Reports - Answers notification as Subscribe to a thread function

    It would be really useful to integrate the "Reports" section, with the post/answer notifications to who can access there. Moderatos and Administrators. Is there the notification with the red number of the "Reports" open, on the top of the site, so you can see when some one open a report, but is...
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    RM 2.2 Resources listed random

    Yes I saw, but I don't hide you that it seems me strange that there isn't this option because can be really useful in various situations. Also to show new contents each time someone load the page to show the section (that seems) more dinamic/active when there aren't more new contents. This is...