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    Not a bug InlineModOverlay is bugging when selecting a post for moderation

    As the title says, My Friend and Me are building a successful community by developing softwares and releasing them. Sometimes people post unnecessary stuff which we have to remove. We have changed the delete message to "This message has been deleted by {name} for the following reason: {reason}...
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    Group Sort?

    Hello XenForo Community, I have a question about the Groups in XenForo. In WBB they have like a List with the Groups and who is in this Group. Is there an Addon for this? I mean like this: Thank You
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    Not a bug Special Symbols in Deleted Thread

    Hello There, My Cousin just gave me his XenForo Forum to use it becuase he dont need it anymore. So im really good with Scripting but i struggle on a really mad problem. I Set the "View Deleted Thread/Post" for all and removed the "Show" Button now it looks like WBB I removed the Reason and...