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    XF 2.1 Reuse Xenforo Addon in another xenforo local development

    You can generate development output from any installed add-on by running the following CLI command: php cmd.php xf-dev:export This will dump any currently installed add-ons data (from the _data directory) into their respective _output-folders. That'll allow you to restore your state for the...
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    XF 2.1 Dropdown menu default option

    You can use the value attribute at the xf:select tag to define which option is selected. For example this will select the third option: <xf:select name="{$reasonName}" value="3 - Reason 3"> <xf:option value="1 - Reason 1">1 - Reason 1</xf:option>...
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    XF 2.0 Setup.php Install Versus Upgrade

    I wouldn't recommend this approach. If you ever come back and alter installStep3, suddenly you will have an inconsistent upgrade path, as it relied on the assumption that your code is in the same state that it was when you first implemented upgrade1000011. In this case, there's really no harm to...
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    [TH] Auto Merge Double Posts

    The unlimited option doesn't work if you invert the merge time priority in the options, unless the user doesn't have any group that is not unlimited.
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    Anyway to alert Admins in the front pages that there are things requiring attention in AdminCP?

    That's not information that is exposed to templates by default and would require a templater/controller extension, ideally with a caching mechanism of some form, so it doesn't trigger one (or potentially more) database queries on every page load.
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    ⚠️Wrong Chinese locale tags for modern browsers.

    Just nest them: {{ [...] ? $a : ([...] ? $b : $c ) }} Where [...] is your respective conditional.
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    ⚠️Wrong Chinese locale tags for modern browsers.

    Does have nothing to do with JavaScript. Tag syntax: <xf:if is="[...]"> {$a} <xf:else/> {$b} </xf:if> Inline syntax with ternary operator: {{ [...] ? $a : $b }}
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    ⚠️Wrong Chinese locale tags for modern browsers.

    It does so because you're using a tag inside a tag, which is technically invalid syntax. For correct formatting, you want to switch to inline statements with ternary operator.
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    XF 2.1 MySQL query error [1062]: Duplicate entry

    Not sure if thar upgrade service handles existing upgrades. Could be that the user you're trying to upgrade simply has that upgrade already (active or expired). Small tip on the side: $upgradeFinder = \XF::finder('XF:UserUpgrade'); $userUpgrade = $upgradeFinder->where('user_upgrade_id'...
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    Possible to get rid of the "Inserted" pop-up for smileys?

    Not to argue against your suggestion, just letting you know that you can also close the menu by hitting the smiley button in the toolbar again (or actually just tapping anywhere outside the drop-down).
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    XF 2.1 Connected Accounts API?

    That's not information that gets exposed to the api.
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    [TH] Featured Threads and Content Portal [Paid]

    Currently only threads and polls are supported, as per add-on description. Support for resources and media is under development, see our roadmap.
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    [TH] User Profile Notes [Paid]

    That's not something we're planning to do at the current time.
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    [TH] Thread Watchers [Paid]

    Yeah. Works fine as far as I'm aware.
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    [TH] Giphy [Paid]

    No. It's using the default XenForo media embed bb code which does not support rich text preview.