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    Mobile Phone Wars

    Ahh, simple solution. Get rid of all of the Apple Products
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    Mobile Apps that just present the website

    Can you send a newsletter to your members?
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    The LOL thread

    It may be a little late, but here is a banner used for my last April Fools Day joke - All IT Folks or Web Hosting companies should get a kick out of it. The site is fully functional as well
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    How did you get your members?

    Normally by kidnapping the members first born kid and leaving a message in the ransom note to join our forum. Just Kidding. In my case, it is a Forum that I took over from another person a few weeks ago. There was a small group of members that came with the deal and I am currently working on...
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    Mobile Apps that just present the website

    Hello, If you feel like doing a bit of development, it is very simple to create mobile applications for both platforms using something like PhoneGap or Illumination Software Creator ( PhoneGap - You would simply need to add a massive HTML frame to occupy 100% of the screen...
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    Mobile Phone Wars

    Hello, What mobile platform are you using? Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, etc? Do you use Tapatalk on your forums or a mobile skin? For me, I use Android and do indeed use Tapatalk
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    Hackers target Wordpress

    These attacks actually happen quite a bit only on a much smaller scale. Aside from changing the default admin username and using a strong password, it is best to add a .htpasswd file to the wp-admin directory with an additional password. It is even better to restrict the wp-admin to an IP...