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    Tickets [Paid]

    Yes it does.
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    Auto thread Thumbnail by Xenbros [Paid]

    Hello Why did my licence expired ? Do i have to renew it each year ?? Auto thread Thumbnail (expired)
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    Tickets [Paid]

    Thank you for the update @NixFifty Guest are not allowed to display their ticket after creating their account. Same for user who are invited to tickets. Could that be fixed in next release ?
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    Tickets [Paid]

    Same "issue" for users who are invited to a ticket. Their ticket page displays no ticket...
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    Tickets [Paid]

    When a guest opens a ticket, and when this guest creates an account with the same email address, it should be nice for him to be able to access its ticket opened previously as a guest. In the state, system reports that no ticket exists for this user.
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    Tickets [Paid]

    Hello New suggestions also : keep prefixes active when moving ticket from a category to another. display ticket #id info for each ticket line in queue (before or after ticket title ?) ability to search by ticket id
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    XF 2.1 MAIL_CONTAINER not editable

    Yes it is a mod_sec issue. I tried adding rule in htaccess but this had no effect and deactivating this module is not a clever solution as it is a security module ;) We are facing lot of attacks on Apache-Error: [file "/builddir/build/BUILD/httpd-2.2.15/modules/aaa/mod_authz_host.c"] Studying...
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    XF 2.1 MAIL_CONTAINER not editable

    Thank you both i will check this way on server side and reverse.
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    XF 2.1 MAIL_CONTAINER not editable

    Hello I am trying to remove the forum title in my email templates as i edit the template mail_container i get an error i noticed the template is underlined into orange Thanks
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    XF 2.1 Custom Widget in Sidebar

    Hello I am looking to add a widget on a addon sidebar (Tickets) Existing code is the following : <xf:page option="sideNavTitle">{{ phrase('categories') }}</xf:page> <xf:sidenav> <xf:macro template="nf_tickets_category_list_macros" name="simple_list_block"...
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    BB Button Code

    up :)
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    Editor & BB Code Manager

    Hello I would like to add content in messages only available to a specific group of users. I can see a button to perform this action but i do not find where to define group for this button. Thanks for the support.
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    Custom 404 Page by Siropu

    Hello Anyone can paste here the defaut 404 page content, i lost it. Thanks !
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    [SC] Your Content in Visitor Panel

    Hello, just as a reminder :) Or may be it can be done via extra.css ? Thank you !
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    Limiting discussion view widgets

    Hello Need to place a widget here or above But can't find the right position. Forum view: Sidebar is working but there is not placement for : Forum view : above content for ex or thread view : above content Thanks