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    XenForo Homepage

    What i can use this addon if forum root =, but homepage need = ?
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    Not a bug Internet Explorer 11 - You are using an out of date browser

    In editir using Object.entries
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    Ad position in <head>

    For insert code into head section in any ad position, i use xf:head For example: <xf:head option="abc"> code loading script (inserted into head section) </xf:head> code ad block script (inserted into ad position)
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    [cXF] Widget Homepage [Paid]

    How? If go to, the forum software is not used. Need to make redirect in htaccess or rewrite index php-script? Sorry for my bad English
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    [cXF] Widget Homepage [Paid]

    Is it possible with this addon to create home page if the path like - home page - forum page I need make home page with widget on
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    [Liam W.] Thread Solutions

    Liam W, Is it possible to set the user's trophy when user have X solutions?
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    [Andrew] Moderator Panel

    when first delete user account who have user-note and after try delete user note from moderator panel, get the error message: InvalidArgumentException: Attempted to convert NULL to integer [content_user_id] in src/XF/Mvc/Entity/Entity.php at line 759 XF\Mvc\Entity\Entity->_castValueToType()...
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    Quiz on registration

    Technical forum. The task is to register only technical specialists. One of the options is to post a quiz with 5 - 10 questions on the topic of the forum. Sign new user on groups based on responses Any ideas or may be made addon? Thank. Sorry for my bad English.
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    Conditional Statements for XenForo 2

    i solved this in message_macros <xf:if is="in_array({$}, [33,34]) AND {$user.isMemberOf('22')}"> <div class="userBanner userBanner--lightGreen message-userBanner">name</div> </xf:if>
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    Conditional Statements for XenForo 2

    How display custom user group banner on some nodes only ?
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    [XF2SEO] XenForo SEO

    How many automatically link keywords can be added ? 1000? 10000?
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    [OzzModz/Banxix] Bump Thread

    After installing add-on, topics with a large number of replies, not displayed on the list of topics in forum. Threads containing more than 4000 replies are not displayed. Can you advise something ?
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    Search minimum word length for RM

    I do not know. I thought it depends on the server settings . Messages are searched in MyISAM tables, and resources are searched in InnoDB tables. I think that the InnoDB settings on my server do not allow using a word less than 4 characters long when searching.
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    Search minimum word length for RM

    This behavior after the forum was moved to another hosting On the previous hosting it was correct as you wrote After move forum to another hosting, for RM search minimum word length always = 4. Doesn't depend on global settings.