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    XF 2.1 Query does not work in my Setup.php (upgrade step)

    Hello, I have the following setup file : <?php namespace Addon\Import; use XF\AddOn\AbstractSetup; use XF\AddOn\StepRunnerInstallTrait; use XF\AddOn\StepRunnerUninstallTrait; use XF\AddOn\StepRunnerUpgradeTrait; use XF\Db\Schema\Create; use XF\Db\Schema\Drop; class Setup extends...
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    Hello @WeaponOwl, when I hit the vote button, it doesn't work. I need to refresh the page to see my vote... Any ideas ?
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    Chat 2 by Siropu [Paid]

    @Siropu , I found the problem. It is because my forum is loading unmimifed JS, and your shoutbox is shipped only with the mimified JAVASCRIPT. Can you ship unmimied JS with the addon too to avoid this kind of problem ?
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    Chat 2 by Siropu [Paid]

    Hello @Siropu, It is very strange, when I am trying to send the message, it's jumping a line : I can't send the message... And the option to add new lines is disabled. Any ideas ?
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    [XFA] Nodes Icon Tweak - XF2 [Paid]

    Hello, There is a bug with the FontAwesome icon picker, where it is impossible to select a FA icon for a node. There error is located in the file fontawesome-iconpicker.js, line 330 : position: "absolute",i You need to remove the ",i" from this code. Regards
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    [XFA] Tags Generator - XF2 [Paid]

    I have 0 match, with the following criterias : I'm sad this is not working as excepted. My board URL :
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    [XFA] Tags Generator - XF2 [Paid]

    Can you help me @XFA ?
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    [XFA] Tags Generator - XF2 [Paid]

    I installed the addon, but where is the page to tag the contents ?
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    [tl] Content Analytics [Deleted]

    Hello @truonglv, Thanks for you addon, but I didn't get what does it do ?
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    XF 2.1 PHP XenForo addon - get the widget params for a specific controller

    Hello, Let's imagine I'm overriding the forum list action, and I would like to dump all the widgets and their params. Is there a function or method that allows me to get the corresponding widgets of a specifc page ? Best regards, Jean-Baptiste
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    XF 2.1 WYSIWYG editor not showing up : Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'icon' of undefined

    Hello, I have suddenly an error on my board. The WYSIWYG editor is not loading anymore : The strange thing, is that when I disable "editor dropdown" items in here : admin.php?button-manager, it is working back. But I don't have anymore the QUOTE, MEDIA, CODE, etc... buttons. Here is the...
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    Not a bug XenForo enhanced search : TypeError: Argument 3 passed to GuzzleHttp\Client::request() must be of the type array, string given

    Hello, When I save the XenForo enhanced search settings, I got the following error : TypeError: Argument 3 passed to GuzzleHttp\Client::request() must be of the type array, string given, called in /home/realityg/public_html/src/vendor/guzzlehttp/guzzle/src/Client.php on line 89 in...
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    XF 2.0 UTF8MB4 : Incorrect string value: '\xF0\x9F\x98\x83,\x0A' - but I don't know where is the wrong string...

    Ok found it thanks Chris, that was hidded in one of the many phrases I add...