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    [OzzModz] Badges

    I have got old forum badges, was waiting for such an addon nearly a year. well done is it possbile to add support for bigger badges? let's say for image size 150x50 or 100x50
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    Find member [Paid]

    XF 2 has it own find member widget would be nice to rename this addon to Find User and create separate widget for it with search fields: user, location, web, especially new fields as telegram, whatsapp, facebook, discord, twitter
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    [XFA] Who Read This Thread - XF2 [Paid]

    do not buy his products, here he ask to write on his support forum, 3 months now and no update I undertsand if this addon was free, but we have paid for it
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    [AddonFlare] (AJAX) Advanced Forum Stats [Paid]

    fantastic job! first stats that admin can use without any risk of loosing site rank, because mostly stats like this have small fonts. I am using XF core new posts. could you, please, add an option to hide members from left side? I would buy it
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    XF 2.3 ?

    would be good to see new options in 2.3, like sales, more payment gateways, maybe another tab for products with different view styles. many guys say the forum is a forum & should stay as it is, but time is passing fast, in one short moment we will be in 2025-2030 what I want to say is: if...
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    Resource Manager, file manager or dl manager

    problem with that third party is: we want to upload file via ftp to keep all files tidy, I don't personally trust online file managers, we had lost many files on google drive, I better buy separate server with 50-100 TB total storage, that is not a problem. also not problem to create custom...
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    Resource Manager, file manager or dl manager

    I have the first drive 500GB NVMe forum running on that the second 14TB HDD files, this was attached as folder internal data, to keep all files the third 14TB HDD for backups now I am facing another issue. HDD will out of space soon, hosting does not have greater than 14TB HDD if I add another...
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    XF 2.3 ?

    at least user must know what to expect! VB stopped, many moved to XF 1, that is dead now, now all on XF 2 before creating XF 3, I advice to think variant factors I had 5TB files on VB, moved to XF 2, it took 10 days now I have 8TB files, I won't move to XF 3 if all data should be imported, I...
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    Need Cloudfare installed

    you don't have to install anything, just activate cloudflare, select plan, add your website, point to backend ip, which is your server ip, update NS records of your domain, wait 1-48 hours
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    Who is viewing this topic

    for example: I have set node moderator in admin panel after that setted moderator is shown at the bottom right there are 2 option I guess, to show node moderator & thread moderator would be good if you add thread moderator only, otherwise will be dublicated
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    Who is viewing this topic

    would be good if you add: 1. who read this thread ( bottom left ) 2. moderator of this thread ( bottom right )
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    Legend [Paid]

    we need extra option: node icons enabled / disabled to set different & show icons stored on server
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    [OzzModz] Badges

    can I award bagdes to usergroups? badge 1 to registered, badge 2 to moderators etc...
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    Alter Ego Detector

    we need exactly the same addon for XF 2
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    Not a bug Remove Auto Complete in Search field solved! but would be good if core addon