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    The fact Bitcoin is inelastic (i.e., has a limited quantity), will be its undoing in the long run. It encourages speculation, hoarding and over spending (price instability). The people who will profit most from bitcoin won't be those who invest in it, but those who invest in the companies...
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    If you're not looking to build your own proxy for this, there are services like that do just this, for a cost of course.
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    That's only true for passive content, such as images. If you're mixing active content (e.g., pulling in scripts (over HTTP) that can affect the DOM), then you've negated the benefits of SSL and leave yourself open to MITM attacks.
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    How Does Google Crawl our Sites?

    I see you've changed the banner message. It'll correct itself over time. I'd also suggest rethinking your meta description as well. It's keyword stuffed, which has no real information about the page and consequently offers no value to the searcher -- thus it'll be ignored. If you want to read...
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    Screen Recording Program For iOS?

    It's not a perfect solution, but you can use AirServer to turn your PC or Mac into an AirPlay receiver so you can mirror your iOS device's display on your PC/Mac and use whatever screen capture tool you like to record.
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    IQnection Acquires

    "Change" doesn't exactly mean what you think it does in this context. When someone uses their WHOIS tool, they search using the authoritative registrar's WHOIS result and then they make their own copy and archive it. A difference in timestamps will count as a "change" even though no information...
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    Bought the Playstation 4 :)

    Design, in general, is mostly a matter of preference. I only mentioned the Xbox One since I own both (any console would have done, really), as I was interested in what you considered a nicely designed gaming console. So I was trying to draw a comparison; however, I see you expanded on that line...
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    Bought the Playstation 4 :)

    Eh, ugly compared to what? The Xbox One? One looks like a brick, and as large as a cinder block (okay, perhaps I'm exaggerating), while the other is a bit sleeker and doesn't dominate space within my setup. As for the slot and ports, idk, they stand out to me, but some ambient lighting probably...
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    Google buys Boston Dynamics - Googlebot gets life?

    Props for the sinister background audio, but not sure what this video has to do with the statement that was quoted out of context? Perhaps it's just too early in the morning here.
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    Fear The Wrath of Google

    They weren't delisted, but penalized (i.e., they just don't rank highly for certain terms). This happens all the time to sites that build links in an unnatural way, regardless of their size or brand recognition. Interflora being the most recent example, but JC Penny and Reddit also come to mind...
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    Windows 8.1

    The comparison is slightly amusing, as someone who has primarily used a Mac for quite some time. The first few versions of OS X received a lot of the same criticism Windows 8 gets -- lack of features, stability problems, UI issues, etc. Even iOS had major issues at first. There's plenty of other...
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    Most CAs have abandoned the practice of issuing single root certificates, since chained certificates offer a higher level of security, as it keeps the root's private key inaccessible. Also should the intermediate ever become compromised, a new one can be created and new certificates issued off...
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    If you're using something like a StartSSL Class 1 certificate, it's signed by an intermediate CA, which is signed by the StartCom (master) root CA. Your server needs to send the complete trust chain to the browser so it can verify your certificate is trusted. It's only being imported once, as...
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    Google buys Boston Dynamics - Googlebot gets life?

    That's a fairly big leap, but makes for great headlines. Nearly all the technology in front of you right now (e.g., your computer, GPS, Onion routing, Internet) came from military programs paid for by the U.S. taxpayer. Google itself was initially funded via a DARPA grant. It's called public...
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    Paul Walker from Fast and Furious Franchise Dead..

    I wouldn't call it ironic, but perhaps sadly poetic.