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    Remove links [Paid]

    Hello Andy, How to do it automatically when a member post a thread ?
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    FRENCH translation - XenForo Software [Paid]

    Thank you very much. ;)
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    Language Xenforo 2.1 French [Deleted]

    Waiting for 100% 😂
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    Language Xenforo 2.1 French [Deleted]

    Merci beaucoup. Thanks a lot l’ami ;)
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    Implement AMP Project framework

    +1 for me
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    XenForo 2.1 - French Translation by SyTry

    Merci. Je ne l’ai pas encore essayée mais je tenais à dire merci quand même Thank you mate for the french translation ;)
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    AMP for XenForo [Paid]

    Me too ... expired today! (n):mad:
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    XF 1.5 Urgent help needed (user import)
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    [ForumApps] Native Mobile Apps for XenForo [Deleted]

    Hi, And an option to disable ads for connected members to encourage them to participate and generate content.
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    Duplicate Bug when i try to edit comment and send alert to user

    Hi @Chris D Can you please tell me how to resolve this issue with Media Gallery. It appears when i try to edit comment in the media and send alert ton user. The site is in french XenForo_Exception: Serialized value contains an object and this is not allowed -...