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    Ban registrations from gTLDs and/or whitelist email domains

    I'm pretty sure "ban email" has existed since XenForo 1.x.
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    [OzzModz] Email Whitelist

    Are wildcards allowed in the whitelist?
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    Ban registrations from gTLDs and/or whitelist email domains

    Given the huge list of new gTLDs that's only continuing to expand, forum admins should be able to make pre-emptive strikes against spammers who use cheap, new gTLD registrations exclusively for spam. I am yet to see any non-spam registration from .pw, .ws., .host, .online, .pizza etc. We...
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    [AH] Gamer Profiles

    Makes sense, thanks for clarifying that.
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    [AH] Gamer Profiles

    A query would probably be a good solution. Long-term, this may still be a bit of a cat-and-mouse game, because you never know which profiles XenForo will add in future official releases. They are usually a couple years behind on which social networks/messengers are currently popular, MSN and...
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    [AH] Gamer Profiles

    Awesome. One thing to keep in mind is that admins who have made manual modifications over the past two years have probably not been using the ah_ prefix in the database for their custom profiles. In our case, the custom field is called reddit, not ah_reddit. Is there a way to make new...
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    [AH] Gamer Profiles

    Lots of gamers use reddit. Could you add it in the next release? Something like this.
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    [AH] Gamer Profiles

    I use font awesome for manually adding reddit and other profiles that are not in this add-on. Will this version prevent that? Also, please make the URLs that pop-up on hover clickable. I posted instructions earlier in the thread on how to do that.
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    Replace all smileys with emojis

    There is no add-on that I know of. You can do a bunch of MySQL queries probably, but I haven't tried.
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    Ban emails and discourage IPs directly from the forum

    Banning sketchy email domains and discouraging IPs is one of the most common things our admins do. It takes a lot of extra steps to enter the admin panel => Users => etc, then copy/paste, to get these things done. It would be great to be able to do these things as a moderator action directly...
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    XF 2.1 Hide this line in 'Latest posts'

    I was able to make most of these changes by editing the thread_list_macros template. Good advice in this thread:
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    Search Keyword Cloud

    @Chromaniac Has anything changed recently? Our XF 1.5 forums still seem to be generating the search clouds correctly.
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    XF 2.0 New posts widget

    I want to make similar modifications to the New threads widget. This is the original code. <div class="contentRow-minor contentRow-minor--hideLinks"> <ul class="listInline listInline--bullet"> <li>{{ phrase('started_by_x', {'name': $thread.username}) }}</li> <li><xf:date...
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    Search Keyword Cloud

    OK, that's different from AzuCloud then. I've been trying to find a replacement for that add-on for 2 or 3 years.
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    AzuCloud - Search keyword cloud

    Still looking :D