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    Thanks dude! Just made the style free as i won't be able to maintain the style or a webshop for a while, feel free to test it if you want :)
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    Unmaintained EZGamer - Small tweaks

    Version b1.1.0 Removed background on block-body on profile posts. Branding a little less visible. Improved visibility on inline lists and member-page usernames. Changed the border-radius on avatars. Added shadows to avatars.
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    Unmaintained EZGamer 2019-04-28

    EZGamer This is the perfect style for the gamers out there that prefers a simplistic and soft design for your community. No gradients, and no textures. Just simple shapes and colors. The style is still in beta, so bugs and errors may occur. If you encounter them, please send me a picture and...
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    itsNikolai11 submitted a new resource: EZGamer - A simplistic design for your gaming community! Read more about this resource...