Holly Lisle

I write. Science fiction, fantasy, suspense, paranormal, YA, and nonfiction. I sold 32 novels to major commercial publishers before striking out on my own as an indie writer/publisher. I've also published a number of shorter works in an equally broad spectrum of genres.

My favorites of my own work are the SF novels from my Cadence Drake series:
  • Hunting the Corrigan's Blood,
  • and Warpaint.
The Wishbone Conspiracy, the third novel in the series, is my next fiction project.

My YA books:
  • The Ruby Key,
  • and The Silver Door.
The third book in this series, scheduled second on my fiction list, is The Emerald Sun.

Finally, the World of Korre fantasy novels:
  • Talyn,
  • and Hawkspar.
Redbird, my intended completion of the series, remains unscheduled.

I create writing courses.

The most well-known are How To Think Sideways: Career Survival School for Writers, and How To Revise Your Novel: Get The Book You WANT From The Wreck You WROTE.

But I've written more than twenty of them now.
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Holly Lisle
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