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    [tl] Ignore Content [Paid]

    I am using version 3.0.5 I found out that when I use the "Unignore All" button, the data is deleted correctly from xf_tic_ignore_content, but the data in xf_tic_ignore_content_cache is not updated. This causes the content that I have ignored to remain ignored, but the lists in...
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    Logging out of Xenforo from different site with same domain

    I have xenforo hosted on And a regular site on The cookie domain is, so that both sites share some cookies. I am using the XF2 API to synchronize the session on forums and www via the xf_session cookie. I want to add a "log out" link on the...
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    XF 2.2 How to sort Notices in admin?

    I have hundreds of Notices (mostly imported from vbulletin) When I add a new notice, it will appear at some random position in the list, making it quite troublesome to locate. How do I sort the notices in chronological order? so that the newest notices always appear at the bottom of the list.
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    Not a bug SQL Error when searching using certain search keywords

    when the search terms include "AND" all caps Example when I search for "apples AND oranges", I get this error XF\Db\InvalidQueryException: MySQL query error [1064]: syntax error, unexpected '+' src/XF/Db/AbstractStatement.php:228 there is no error if I search "apples and oranges"
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    XF 2.2 Execute custom code when custom user field is saved?

    I created a checkbox custom user field in Preferences. Whenever a user save his preferences, I wish to check the status of the checkbox, then run some code depending on the checkbox's value. Do I create a new event listener? If so, which event do I select? Or do I create a class extension...
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    XF 2.2 Allow anonymous Report Content?

    Is there an option to allow a non-member to report content? We wish to let public users report offending posts.
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    XF 2.2 External redirect on login

    Hi Mike, I have 2 sites on the same domain (home.somedomain and forums.somedomain) Possible to allow users from home.somedomain to log in to forums.somedomain, then redirect them back to home.somedomain? Is there a hostname whitelist that I can configure?
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    XF 2.2 Hide recipients for Mass/Bulk "conversation" sent from admin?

    Back in vBulletin 3, we use a mass Private Message function in the Admin CP to send reminders and marketing messages to targeted user groups. In XF2, when I tried the "Message users" function, the recipients will will see a huge list of other recipients in their inbox Possible to hide this...
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    XF 2.2 Show total sum in Log Statistics instead of daily average?

    I have a requirement to display monthly stats for: Total number of threads Total number of user registrations Total number of active users If I set the Grouping to "monthly", the numbers become averages, instead of sum. Is there a way to change the stats to total sum?
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    XF 2.2 Unable to disable attachment upload for "Moderating" user group

    Hi Brogan, Here is the result of the permission analyser But the attachment button and image upload tab are still there
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    XF 2.2 Unable to disable attachment upload for "Moderating" user group

    I want to disable uploading of attachments for all users, so I set the "Upload attachments to posts" permission to "No" for all user groups However I notice that users belonging to "Moderating" user group are still allowed to upload attachments. The only way I can disable attachments on the...
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    XF 2.2 Optimizing for CDN caching

    Currently my site is caching static files on CDN. I would like to extend caching to all forum pages, for guest users. Since they do not participate in the forums, they do not require real-time updates in the forums. The problem now is to find out how to let the CDN know that a page is safe for...
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    illuminate ☀️ [Paid]

    Hello, I have set up a Braintree payment profile for my user upgrades. I found out that when the illuminate theme is active, there will be a javascript error when the user tries to make a payment. However, this error does not occur in Xenforo default theme.
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    Using DigitalOcean Spaces or Amazon S3 for file storage in XF 2.x

    The add-on worked well with S3 for a few months, but something strange started happening 2 days ago I get this fatal php error Uncaught Error: Class 'League\\Flysystem\\AwsS3v3\\AwsS3Adapter' not found in the config.php The strange thing is it happens only on every other page load, not all...
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    Partial fix Search by username takes a while

    Possible have a separate search field for "exact username match"?