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    [cv6] Dice Roller - 2.1.0 Release Candidate 2

    Fixed Bug if Wireset has no dice enhanced Wireset Settings, to prevent to save a wireset without any die selected prevent to roll a roll without a die fixed bug with missing roll message fixed wrong icon template
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    [cv6] Dice Roller

    Hoffi updated [cv6] Dice Roller with a new update entry: 2.1.0 Release Candidate 2 Read the rest of this update entry...
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    [cv6] Dice Roller

    Thanks. Will dive into this.
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    [cv6] Dice Roller

    On which page? I will change the bahavior, that an Icon is not neccesary.
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    [cv6] Dice Roller

    Can you please check if the wireset has still dice assigned? I just found this during a test upgrade that the die selection can be vanish during setup. Will check the update process.
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    [cv6] Dice Roller

    Strange. Will dive into this now and deliver a fix today. Thank you for reporting. If I need more Information I will contact you.
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    [cv6] Dice Roller

    Sum Options are still in on the wireset level to be 100% backwards comptable. If difficult sums are needed, they can be included into the rule file.
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    My forum

    For me too crowded and overloaded on the first sight.
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    [cv6] Dice Roller - Better Sums and more...

    imroved wireset interface Added better sum options for wiresets. Bug Fixed: Wireset Tag allows non character characters (enhanced all entities) - Modified during Update if needed. fixed Access Level for entity/post/_postSave() fixed some phrases fixed some minor bugs
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    [cv6] Dice Roller

    Hoffi updated [cv6] Dice Roller with a new update entry: Better Sums and more... Read the rest of this update entry...
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    Has anyone here integrated an advanced CMS (like Wordpress) with Xenforo?

    Advanced CMS or Wordpress? SCNR Whats the issue with XenForo Pages and Articles?
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    Fixed Error minifying addon JS when external service down

    Down again... found this thread today. Lets see how easy the compiler can be installed.
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    [cv6] Dice Roller

    I am just thinking over, to move the complete Sum settings into the rules. :unsure: Any thoughts on this?
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    [cv6] Dice Roller

    Rules are checking only the roll. You can create a wireset with no rule and set sum options. And, yea. There is a lack of functionality at the moment to modify the result. Is the 4 fix for everyone, or shall it an input field for the user? Will dive into this. Maybe a rule is a good way, even...
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    [cv6] NodeIcons

    Yes, it is.