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    Add-on addon that will display user's streams when they're streaming.

    Does this addon exist? I would like my users to be able to add their Twitch channel URLs to their profile. If their stream is live I'd like a little notification to appear under their avatar in posts. I'd also like a dedicated tab of live streams from members like this addon. I've found a few...
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    ImageMagick Issues

    I've come to the conclusion that XenForo just doesn't work well with ImageMagick. I made a thread about it ages ago with no useful feedback. ImageMagick works with GIFs very easily. Something about XenForo's implementation doesn't retain the format through the filter. I planned to dig through...
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    Has anyone tried to get Openfire external auth to work against XF?

    I'm in the preliminary stages of experimenting with Openfire XMPP for my site's chat server. It natively supports external auth so I'd like that to be part of my implementation. According to the docs configuring Openfire to auth from an external database is about as easy as plugging in the...
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    How do I make my site work on cellphones?

    Using the same browser on a different platform won't affect the visual rendering of the page. They all use the same rendering engine. It sounds like you've got something wrong with the responsiveness of your template.
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    ngx_pagespeed Filters considered safe for XenForo Forum?

    Caching all static assets to RAM is overkill. If your forum is mostly repeat visitors then 90% of static files aren't served by the web server anyway because they're already cached in the browser. IMO memcached really isn't practical to run unless you're load balancing. Nginx is excellent and...
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    Nginx. Quick question

    I'd argue XML config is much less user friendly than INI config for non-developers.
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    ngx_pagespeed Filters considered safe for XenForo Forum?

    No SPDY on my end. I'm not going full-time SSL until 1.3 so I'm running pretty standard. I'm not entirely sure I'll still be running Pagespeed when I upgrade to 1.3. I'm going to take the core filters that I like and try to implement them using Nginx config options and server-side scripts using...
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    XenForo in limited resource server

    Not useless, you just can't do much to tune the memory usage of it because it's got a static amount of information to cache regardless of the traffic on your forum unlike your database which is directly related to the size of your forum. Do you record any analytics for page load times? If so I...
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    ngx_pagespeed Filters considered safe for XenForo Forum?

    Try trimming your config down to bare bones. Remove all the config options that aren't in the top block of my config to eliminate the possibility of memcached issues. Also cut out all but the core filter. The default core filters are what is deemed to be "safe" by the Pagespeed devs and will not...
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    ngx_pagespeed Filters considered safe for XenForo Forum?

    What problems are you having specifically? The only filter I've had a "problem" with was the insert_image_dimensions filter because it screws up in-line resizing since it overwrites the "auto" attribute for height or width. This is my Pagespeed config. pagespeed on; pagespeed FileCachePath...
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    What Litespeed licence to choose ? (or any alternative to Litespeed ?)

    Yikes. Do people actually pay that for a web server license? That's insane. Why not one of the many free options?
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    XenForo in limited resource server

    Nginx + PHP-FPM are easy. The problem is cache and database. The problem with the cache is it doesn't really go up or down with traffic so your low traffic won't help much. It caches compiled PHP code which is a constant depending on the app. My XenForo install directory has 4758 PHP files. Of...
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    Core PHP Functions?

    Ubuntu Server 12.04 runs by default with PHP5.3 and Suhosin. That would probably throw up this warning.
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    PHP-FPM Problem

    Are you sure you're not still getting hammered with spam bots? Also, is that 16 PHP-FPM process count from your peak time? You should have a hell of a lot more than 16 processes running if your max is 64 and your www pool is I/O locked. The notices are normal. Those are processes being...
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    Core PHP Functions?

    Upload a PHPinfo page on your server. Either PHP is running in safe mode or there are manually disabled functions in php.ini. The phpinfo output will tell you which this is. Just ctrl+f for safe_mode and disable_functions. You will be able to see exactly what config options are set that disable...