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    NVMe SSD Config for Server

    Do you have pointers for good config for MySQL 8.x with server having 32GB RAM?
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    Apache configuration

    I am not rookie and have other machines.. somehow never had this issue on any. Only getting on my new one with Debian 10. So was wondering it's related to it.
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    Apache configuration

    Why add more stuff when it is not required? Only i host on my server, so CP is of no good.
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    Apache configuration

    Apache shows default page and doesn't load site configuration. OS: Debian 10. Site is enabled but somehow it doesn't show files from public_html folder. Any help is appreciated. <VirtualHost *:443> SSLEngine On ServerAdmin ServerName ServerAlias * DocumentRoot...
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    Comparision Xenforo Vs IPB Vs vBulletin

    True that but not all can convert. Sadly, till converter of IP.Downloads to Resources is not available, I can't convert my site. Patiently waiting for it since last 1 year.
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    Conversion from IPS Downloads to Resources

    Is it possible for you to share in PM if it's free of charge so i can do test run? If not, I understand. I wish XF would develop in house converters so more people who are like me, could make a move. Thanks!
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    Conversion from IPS Downloads to Resources

    I searched and was able to find conversion was available to convert images from Gallery to Media. Is their any conversion available to convert from Downloads to Resources? Have plenty of files on our site. Wasn't able to figure out any info for it. Looking for some help as I am not able to...
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    Game Server Status Check [Paid] [Deleted]

    @JoeGandy it seems like instead of server name it shows it's with it's color code. Game ET. Example: Is it possible to fix that? Also it would be nice to see full server name rather then truncated. Thanks
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    Which web server package does better for VPS hosting and xenForo and newbie?

    I have used Ramnode in past. Reliable and fast. Never needed support, so not sure about their support. But had no issues in 3 years or so. Was using them since they started. Now they even have multi location. Look for coupon code on WHT forums. It will offer 30% discount or so.
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    [Aayush] PayPal Donate

    I added your patch but it would be nice to have option for monthly or yearly goals so on each update settings remains same and we don't have to manually apply the patch. Thanks man! Nice addon!
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    Installing Themes?

    Ricky, installing themes for Xenforo is super easy. So if that's stopping you from purchasing XF since you can't upload it on demo link, purchase XF. It's really super easy.
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    UI.X Dark [Paid]

    @Mike Creuzer - Link to live demo still doesn't work. It redirects to MyBB | Preview - Audentio Design which seems to MyBB skin demo and not dark UI demo. Thanks